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Parenting and Spanking

Spanking my kids

Posted by radleyradley on 2017-03-13 14:14:58

Hi Rick

Winter changes into spring but some things never change. We were talking about corporal punishment butt tanning spanking whipping whatever you call it. It is just a name.

I am probably not the best person to tell you if there is still benefit in spanking. I know it modifies my behaviour some, but I do not know if an alternative would have more effect the same effect or less effect. I simply do not know.

You say that boys of your generation benefited from an occasional tanning and I sometimes think boys of my generation might as well. But now society does not accept easily the concept of spanking as a punishment for kids. Are we better for it? Are we any worse? I think I think I could admit that at least for some boys a butt whipping is exactly what he needs growing up. I bet many of your young clients know it is true even if they will not admit it. At the end of the day a dad usually knows what works best in his family. He is the best one to judge whether his sons still benefit from spanking.

I am glad that spanking is not allowed in schools in the United Kingdom. Although I am not usually that naughty at school I am sure that some of the things would get me caned were it allowed. Dad knows how to warm up my bottom if that kind of punishment is needed, if he thinks it is needed, not only when I think so (never)

Trying to forge a note was not a smart move. After such a punishment I did not do it again and, but school was never quite sure I would not. I knew I had been stupid trying to forge but was not embarrassed. I was used to going bare bottom in front of dad when I was to use another term beaten. I think that is what most people in England would call it

There is never a need to cheat. Dad made that clear to me. I knew I would fail the test if I did not make adequate preparations. And I knew that would have painful repercussions at home quite apart from any school punishment. I wrote myself a note, a crib sheet as an easier option than learning all that stuff. I did not consider the risk or the likely punishment because I did not think I would get caught. A common boy misconception. Yes dad had my trousers and pants down for that one.

I did not mean your own grandson, but a boy of his or my generation. Obviously you would normally leave your grandson to his dad but I wanted to know whether you still believe in spanking as a suitable punishment for younger teenagers.

You do not really want anyone to see you getting your butt tanned. Even though all the boys in your class had seen you naked it in the locker room I suppose it would still be embarrassing if they saw you spanked naked. Did you ever see that happen to another boy?

I have never been spanked by a friend’s dad but Kyles mum has spanked me and once dad spanked me in front of a gang friends one Saturday- I could have avoided that one if I had played my cards differently. The time he took me and my friend John camping we both came home with sore bottoms, but I do not think he has he ever spanked another friend. The best person to punish or beat a boy is his own dad

I cannot get that delectable girl out of min mind, As if I would want to. Hand inside my clothes BELOW the waist? Now THAT would be exciting! I am not exactly scared of what her dad or mine would do if we were caught like that but it would be very awkward and very messy. And possibly the end for me that delectable girl. I do not want that to happen so for now I will keep my trousers buttoned and my underpants snug

It is always good to talk with you Rick

Bye for now


Posted by R.J. on 2017-03-20 18:38:51

Hello Radley and yes, Spring has now arrived. As you say...whatever you call it, and guys had various names (though spanking as a teen seemed too childish), it meant a short-term sore bottom.

Young fellas today may not admit they deserve a spanking...we didn't always admit it either in my younger days...but then it happened anyway and afterwards we might realize it was what probably was needed and earned. Our dads made the decision and maybe your dad and other dads today face that decision too as to what best works in the family. Benefited was the desired result but not the question...I can say that I do not recall a single guy I grew up with that didn't earn the seat of his pants, if not his bare butt, tanned occasional for stunts he did.

Most schools and students today have no perception of CP in the school setting. It may be the best way to just leave discipline to the parents. I knew guys who returned to class after a paddling with a smirk on the face as they rubbed the seat of their trousers & shrugged the event off, but once home to face dad, it wasn't so funny if you had your britches down for a belt across skivvies or bare. After my school paddling for skipping & forging and the whipping from dad, it cured me to never skip or forge again. Do you think you would've benefited more from the cheating incident & forgery if the old CP method had still been in place and your teacher/headmaster had caned or strapped the seat of your pants rather than to notify your parents? I'm convinced many of my young clients who seldom or never got spanked would've benefited significantly taking one on the bottom and had they been my son, that is how I would've handled it--told a few of them that too!!

Yes, I saw back then friends or classmates in general get spanked. In our HS, the pe coach had his paddle & used on those thin gym shorts or even guys still wet from the shower on bare rear-end. My dad never tanned my butt in front of a friend but I saw friends get it from their dad on trousers, underwear and even bare and a few guys get their face slapped for being disrespectful/mouthy. I'm grateful the worse my mouth ever got was the soap bar & any smacks confined to my backside.

Good hearing from you too & never hesitate to ask a question.


Posted by radleyradley on 2017-03-25 12:22:00

Hello Rick

Spring seems to stop and start.

Whether you call it a spanking a licking a whipping or a tanning the end result is the same. A sore bottom. It is hard to admit you deserve a spanking or whatever when you get it although inside you know you probably do, at least most of the time. Usually after the event I can see things from dads point of view, see he was right, even though it is still hard to admit it.

A dad now as then has to decide what best works in his family. Mum too. We like to know where we stand and likely consequences of our actions. Of course I get still get spanked some. Not so much now but no one can be good all the time. Not me not Chip heck not even you when you were our age I will bet. But you know what? I think there are lots of guys who maybe deserve or need an occasional butt tanning but who never get one. Maybe they are the one to go astray.

It is a sad reflection that discipline has to be such a big deal for schools and teachers. I think it is a reflection on discipline at home. Some parents are afraid to impose discipline or punish their children. But you do not have to be spanked at school to have that certain knowledge that once home you will have to face your dad and try to explain why he should not take your trousers down for a belt session across skivvies or bare.

Some parents beat. Others look for other ways. But some let their children run wild and get out of hand. In our family stop means stop or else. We know there will be consequences if we choose to carry on. Kids who get no discipline at home are more likely to get into trouble outside. I love of my dad. He teaches me right from wrong, (sometimes on my bottom). Maybe your clients do not have a dad or a parent who will or can do that for them.

I think I would have learned more if the headmaster had caned me rather than notified my parents but I learned plenty. I cannot imagine my headmaster doing that to anyone. Even a boy caught cheating. I WAS punished at school but my real punishment awaited me at home. I think that is the right way. It is easier to take a punishment from our own Dad. Most of tour young clients would benefit significantly from having a dad like that willing to give an occasional one on their bottoms. It would probably not need much more than that.

It must have been scary seeing your friends or classmates getting spanked at school or back home getting it from their dad on trousers, underwear and even bare. Did coach ever use his paddle over gym shorts or bare while you were still wet from the shower? Our coach flexes a shoe in his hands while we are getting changed or showering but I have never seen him use it on anyone

It is good to talk with you Rick but that it is all for now



Posted by Corey12 on 2018-12-08 22:58:15

In my opinion they should remove them

Posted by R.J. on 2018-12-12 16:08:38

Remove What Corey?