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Parenting and Spanking

Spanking my kids

Posted by R.J. on 2017-01-19 17:13:17

Hey Rad...what came over you at school? From other messages, you don't give the impression that you would act out that way. I had one at times, most teens do too, where we overload our mouth and say things without thinking, but to smart mouth your teacher who obviously knew would result in serious consequences. Was the mouthing off a result of a reprimand for throwing the chalk?

I'm sure you were sorry by the time you reached the Dean's office. That resembles more likely the young man I've read in your messages. Was the after school detention what you anticipated punishment would be? I take from your message that you had forged signatures before on school notes that prompted the phone call to your parents. You probably realized even before you got home that you were in a world of trouble when facing your dad.

Was the hour of after school detention served that same day or the basis of the school note a notification of detention you would serve the following day or next day in which detention penalties were to be served? Not clear what your definition of a 'boy size session' would be...that dad went easier on you with the belt as if you were a young boy who needed fewer to deliver a message?? I saw JB's comment and sorry to say Rad, but I agree that dad should've punished you for that school outburst--my dad would've at your age too.

Was that hour after school as difficult to face as it was to face your dad once home and explain your behavior and accept his belt across your backside? You mates likely knew of the detention, but did they know of your session with dad's belt at home or see any resulting marks the belt left?--sometimes that can be a punishment too at your age for mates to know you've been belt whipped.

Don't give up on yourself Rad. You made a mistake, but one that many others have made and others will make in the future. You paid the consequence price and I hope you move on being the better young man you are capable to be.


Posted by radleyradley on 2017-01-26 12:34:41

Hello Rick

I am not such a goody-goody that I never misbehave at school. I do not normally behave like that but I have my moments and this was one of them. I think most boys sometimes overload our mouths and I am no different. I am that smart mouth kid who says things without thinking and does not know when to stop talking. I knew I was talking my way into trouble and that there would be unpleasant consequences, but I was so het up and frustrated that I did not know how to stop until I was making the trip to the deans office. Then I realized what I had done and that I was in a whole lot of trouble. Yes it started off as a reprimand for throwing the chalk. I could have just said sorry sir to the teacher and hoped for the best. But I did not. Were you ever licked for making a poor choice like that?

Of course I was sorry by the time I reached the Deans office because I knew he would punish me and that it would probably get back to my parents. I knew they could punish me a lot more severely at home than school would. I tried to sound sorry and sound less like a mouthy boy and more like the young man I would like to be.

After school detention was the best I could hope for. I reluctantly collected my discipline note from the school office not knowing they had already telephoned my parents. I did once attempt to forge a signature on a school note. That got me a hiding to remember and I have not tried it again. I dragged my feet and dawdled my way home as slowly as I could. I knew that once home I would be in a world of trouble.

The hour of afterschool detention was served the next day. The note told my parents I had been in trouble and that I had detention to serve. I could have done without that. I do not know why I called it a boy sized session. Dad’s belt hurt as much as ever. I suppose I deserved it for that outburst. You say I did. JB says I did, my dad said I did and you say your dad would agree with them. So what choice do I have, what chance does a boy have against all that?

I have had after school detention before. It is boring but nothing as to trying to explain myself to dad at home that evening knowing that nothing I coulds going to save me from the belt, you know across my backside. Everyone knew I had detention and my friends know I still get the belt at home sometimes. They could guess what happened. My dad could get into trouble if there were still bruises on my bottom the next day so he never over punishes me. A little redness perhaps but even in the school showers classmates and PE coach could not tell I had been belt whipped the night before.

I am not going to give up on myself Rick. I am far too positive for that and there are lots of positives in my life. I know I made a mistake, but I have been punished for it hopefully learned from it and will not make the same mistake again. I will leave that for others. I am sure there will be someone. I paid the price. Now I can move on maybe being a better young man. The kind of man the delectable girl wants to go with.


Posted by R.J. on 2017-01-31 18:00:40

Hi Radley,

I doubt any of us avoided trouble well, especially during those transitional boy to young adult years as a teen. Growing up I never knew a boy who didn't deserve a few verbal reprimands and that occasional tanning on the bottom. Yes, I got my lickin's as a boy, actually to age 16, my last, with the belt bare hide when dad overheard what I said. Back then our school could use the wood paddle on the seat of a boy's trousers and achieved that twice as a teenager for making poor choices.

My buddy & I forged notes that got both our 13 y/o bottoms paddled at school & a bare behind hiding from our dad's once home. I too learned & never forged again. I often wondered growing up why dad insisted pants always lowered. I guess I figured it was to make it hurt worse. In my 20s, dad finally told me in a conversation we had that it was his way of seeing & knowing when enough was enough. I suppose I did deserve mine too & you know Rad without JB & I telling you, your hide needed one!!

Do you think some of those friends are still getting the belt too across their young hides? Dad never left bruises either. Red & tender as you say but diminished in a few hours. Since my room was used, it was easier to just stay bare butt & lie face down on my bed awhile after...then pull up my shorts & jeans and move on with activities. Once punishment was over, the matter was dropped by my parents.

Appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I'm sure you are a 'positive' young man that makes you also a delectable young man too that girls want to go with.


Posted by radleyradley on 2017-02-07 14:58:36

Hi Rick

I guess that at some stages during our teenage most of us benefit from the occasional tanning on our bottoms. It does not need to be very often but knowing it will be used to help you avoid trouble, will at least encourage you to try. It is not used on every occasion with every boy but for me a painful bottom is the usual consequence of making poor choices. A bottom tanning is a punishment, no better and no worse than any other punishment.

I tried to forge a discipline note once. It was easily discovered and on top of a kins sized punishments at school dad gave me a bare bottom hiding to remember I have never forged again, but my school always telephones home just to make sure. I am in even more trouble this week after I was caught cheating. I will be going to bed with a sore bottom. I already wish I had not cheated.

I often wonder why dad insists my pants are always lowered. It makes it hurt worse, and I think that is the main reason. Maybe there is another reason but I do not think Dad needs to see my bottom to know when I have had enough. He knows me better than that, He knows how to make sure I get enough but not too much without checking out my bottom. I guess I probably did deserve that home punishment for my behavior at school, but I did not think so at the time, and I did not think I needed or deserved a bottom tanning. You say all boys need those sometimes. So maybe, just maybe that was one of those times for me. I do not know. Why do you say I needed one, my hide needed one? Would you give it to your grandson, a boy my sort of age?

I am sure some of those friends get the belt across their hides and equally sure some do not. Dad leaves my bottom red and tender but the pain and the redness usually disappear in a few hours. There are hardly ever any marks or bruising left by morning. Sometimes I am tanned in the front room but it is usually done up in my bedroom. I am grateful for the privacy. I do not like having to take my pants and underwear down in front of my dad but I am not too embarrassed about him seeing me naked. After a licking I do the same as you and stay bare and lie face down on my bed for a while before I pull up my shorts and jeans and move on. Once punishment is over, the matter is forgotten by my parents unless I do the same again.

I hope the delectable girl thinks I am delectable boy. Now that would be something! I hope I have something that makes me a delectable young man that girls want to go with. I love having cute girls around me even when they flirt. Most of all I hope I am the kind of a delectable young man that the delectable girl wants to go with mmmm aaahhh oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh! (she just slipped her hand inside my shirt)


Posted by R.J. on 2017-02-11 14:46:02

Hi Radley,

You best can tell me whether or not there is a benefit still in spanking. You are a younger man and live in a generation now that does not accept as easily the concept of spanking. Yes, I think I and friends I grew up with benefited from that occasional butt tanning even into our teenage years. Dad didn't tan me that often as a teen but when it happened, it was the 'final straw' and got me back on track. I had friends who got the paddle too at school way more frequent than me, but that one time in HS as a 15 y/o left my seat stinging and delivered a powerful lesson.

My one & only forged note got me a bare hiding too. I was more ashamed of skipping & forging than being bare bottom in front of my dad as he laid leather across my bottom. What prompted the need to cheat? Did you calculate the risk of a sore bottom if caught & did dad make this one a bare hide tanning too? I gave spankings and yes, some with a paddle/belt as a dad. I would leave a grandson to his parents but if parents were not around & I was supervising my grandson, yes, I would tan his young hide even as a teenager.

The fact my dad never spanked me publicly was something I too was very grateful for.; They only 2 times I ever got my butt tanned with a peer present were the two school paddlings where both of us got bent over the desk in front of each other. I had been seen butt naked in the locker room in front of other guys but sure didn't want friends see me getting spanked butt naked. Were you ever spanked by your dad or a friend's dad in front of a friend?

What young guy doesn't find it delectable to have a cute girl around? Wow!!--she slipped her hand inside your shirt? Guess better inside your shirt than below your waist!!--that might get her dad or your dad plenty upset if caught, don't you think?

Thanks for your response Rad---