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Parenting and Spanking

Spanking my kids

Posted by Jonathan Cool 13 on 2016-12-04 06:40:59

Hello Dave I'm a nearly 13 boy and my parents always are who pull down my pants and briefs or pajamas before taking me over their knees for my spanking.

Posted by R.J. on 2016-12-06 17:25:04

Hi Dave,

Yes, I'm obviously older than you and we still had the paddle as an option of school punishment. The school district by the time we were Middle & HS years simply sent home a tear-out page with the policy handbook that parents could consent or w/o consent to paddling as an option for their child. My parents consented. I wasn't that much concerned since I was generally well behaved at school & the fact that my dad had warned me that he would spank my bottom once home if I misbehaved at school. I made it to 8th never spanked/paddled at school & then really messed up one day with a good friend that earned both of us 5 swats in the office. There was a second incident in HS that resulted in paddling too. You say 'thankfully' and maybe rightfully so since really discipline should be by parents rather than an added responsibility of the school, but most guys in my school day would've taken a school lickin' over the seat of their jeans & hopefully leave it at that, than face dad once home & his paddle/belt & most guys got it over skivvies or bare by their dad.

Did you feel your dad was really too harsh when he used his belt on your backside? Did your dad require your pants/skivvies pulled down and were you still getting the belt into mid-teen years as you still use spanking with your 15 y/o? Was the lasting impression real leather marks/welts or more the psychological pain lesson to avoid in the future the belt whipping? From your message description I find no fault with your thoughts/actions of discipline. I think we both could remember ourselves & see in our kids that trait to not always listen or heed warnings and a little dose of butt painful gets a child's attention. I think we probably both have seen in our careers how lack of discipline in the home ends in results. I would never tolerate abuse of a child. I've never known a young person in my generation or among current generation that don't on occasion need a smack on the rear-end and if confined to that region and done with care & love doesn't in long term benefit the child.

I think all young people once they emerge into adulthood see some benefits of a spanking or two they got. Parenting goes beyond discipline and if you have other family bonding too and the child sees overall love and fairness and openness of lines of communication, then spanking is accepted as part of that family bond and becomes what it should be--tough love. I wasn't lazy or at least not any more than a natural teen phase and grades were overall good, so no punishment in that aspect. My parents required I do my best in everything and since I did project that, then there was no hassle at home.

Funny that you say you skipped school & that was your biggest problem that got you punished at home. How old or what grade level did you skip school? That was the basis for my first school paddling in 8th--buddy & I skipped and forged excuse notes for each other. At 13 your penmanship isn't usually adult-like so easily was detected. The principal warmed both our bottoms to sit on the remainder of that day & with our parents notified and the forged note attached to our discipline note, our dads finished the punishment with the belt on bare butts that evening. I get the sense from your words that skipping got you a major-size bare butt tanning from your dad too and likely cured you, like me, from skipping a second time.

Likewise and thank you for your response.


Posted by R.J. on 2016-12-06 17:32:31

Hi Jonathan,

Your parents likely spank with your briefs or pj's down because it gives a better 'barometer' of when enough is enough on your bottom. Parents don't want to injure but leave an impressive sting to adjust your behavior. If at 13 you are still spanked over a knee and with a parent's hand, you're getting a lighter dose of punishment than I and most guys I grew up with at 13--by then it was mainly our dad and dad was usually using the back of a brush, a fresh-cut switch, paddle or belt on our butt.

Strive to avoid those behaviors that require dad to spank you. If mom or dad give a 'last warning' heed so you don't push them to the point to need to spank you.

Posted by Jonathan Cool 13 on 2016-12-08 00:12:18

Hello Mr. Rick,

Oh yep sure they see how my bottom becomes redder and redder and they hear me crying over their lap when they spank me, I think that must be one of the reasons why they bare me to give me a spanking. Though sometimes they spank me over my briefs or start the warmup so. For what I read on your messages you could be my dad hehe... Would you pull down my pants and undies to spank me or would you make me do it myself?. My parents are who always pull down my clothes while I'm standing in front of them with my hands on my head or at my sides, unless they start to spank me still in briefs but already over their knees or unless I'm already naked.

Oh, so do you think that at 13 a spanking given with the hand is not a big deal?. Okay maybe things were much worse for kids who were spanked in the old days, but anyway getting a spanking isn't like tickling in the butt for today's kids! Believe me, when mom or dad spank me with their hand over my poor butt's skin it stings a lot and I really cry!

One of my friends is spanked with the hand plus the hairbrush, and oh my God his butt remains very red and warm for a while. But hey, if I've been specially naughty, can you guess what?... I also get the belt!

If you want to ask me anything else, go ahead!

Bye, it's the third time mom tells me to go take my bath! LOL

Posted by R.J. on 2016-12-14 18:37:53

Hey Jonathan...nice that you say some of my thoughts resemble those of your dad. I bet he is really a great guy and so very proud of you. I'm not your dad and so I share only my thoughts and experiences of myself growing up and as a dad myself. Listen to your dad and always keep lines of communication open with both mom and dad. Your messages reveal a young man I could be proud of too.

I suspect you, as with many boys over generations, have felt the red & marked bottom as a consequence of poor decisions and misbehavior and maybe check-out the 'damage' in a mirror or glance over one's shoulder as soon as you are alone and can. Bare does give dad a visual idea when enough is enough and admittedly it does also give the recipient a good sting on the bottom where there is nothing between hand, or whatever, contacting flesh. Briefs, from what I recall, give no real padding either. Do you think the midway pulling down your briefs in a spanking is because of something you might be saying or reacting to when the spanking started or, as you say, it's an intended 'warm-up' to a real one bare you earned?

At your age, I think you are more than able and should be responsible to lower your own trousers and, if necessary, your briefs. I would say too, once that is done, you are now old enough to be told to bend over something like a chair/table/bed rather than a leg or lap and, if not already dad as disciplinarian, dad should be the one tanning your briefs or bare bottom--just my opinion, it's your parent's decision.

So what 'special naughty' might have or would earn you the belt rather than the hand? Suspect that first time you got the belt on your bare bottom it was something you didn't forget anytime soon!! Dad's belt leather always left a bigger impression for me than any hand spanking or even the wood paddle. Has your friend's dad ever threatened or come close to using that hairbrush on your bottom for something you both got caught doing? My dad preferred them to just send me home & notify him what I had done--then he could decide if my butt needed to be tanned or just take a privilege or ground me. The only time I recall getting it in front of a mate were the school paddlings I got and that is probably something your school and most schools now aren't permitted to do.

Probably your dad has mentioned how he was disciplined growing up. May have followed the same with you, or lessened his methods, because times have changed, regarding groundings/privileges or even spankings. I make the same offer to you to ask anything if you have a question. Your dad should be your primary source for questions however, but if easier to ask here than to him, go ahead.

Don't make mom or dad ask or tell you something 3 times before you act. That could lead to risks and troubles you don't want. Have a great holiday and suspect, if boys today are similar to boys in my school days, you are looking forward to the school holiday break coming up!! Take care...