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Parenting and Spanking

Re: Spanked for getting Detention

Posted by SpankedTeenager13 (2) on 2016-10-08 12:25:53

I got in trouble is school yesterday for messing and talking in class the teacher gave us both detention which will happen next Wednesday :(

The school rang my mother to tell her which totally sucked :(

When I got home I was walloped good and hard :( :( over my shorts :( it was so sore :(

My parents still spank me a lot it sucks so much last week I got spanked in front of my friend :(

Posted by R.J. on 2016-10-09 02:08:03

Why did school postpone detention until Wednesday rather than immediate?

My dad believed in another spanking once home if I misbehaved at school and he found out. I recall a good whipping with his belt both time I got school paddled and when dad took off his belt that meant my pants and underwear was coming down.

Was it mom or dad that walloped you good and hard?

I knew friends were getting spanked at home too and witnessed many times over the 12 years at school paddlings friends got or heard details from them. Dad never spanked me in front of my friends and the only time a mate saw me spanked was the paddlings across the seat of my jeans at school by the principal in his office. Did your friend who earned the detention too get his butt spanked too at home?

Posted by SpankedTeenager13 (2) on 2016-10-10 12:16:49

Our school has detentions on Wednesdays so that's why I have to wait my friend got detention and a spanking as well it sucks at our age to still be spanked :(:(

It was my mum who soanked me it hurt cause I was wearing my short thin gym shorts :(:(

We dint get spankings at school thankfully. Sorry you got belted that's harsh. My friend got the wooden spoon over his shorts I got away easier :(:(

Are you still spanked? I got spanked yesterday for missing curfew I'm still getting spanked a good bit :(:(

Posted by erik2000erik200 on 2016-10-10 23:30:27

At least you could keep your shorts. I always get spanked naked. What did you get?

Posted by R.J. on 2016-10-15 18:33:33

That's an interesting policy that your school has by having detention only one day a week on Wednesdays. How then did your detention go on Wednesday--how long a time after school?

Yes, when you are a teenager, it must seem to suck still to be spanked. My last was at 16 and many guys I knew back then still were getting it at home from their dad, so I knew I wasn't alone. There were guys into senior year of high school that got sent to the office for stunts pulled that earned their butt a paddling too still.

As Eric said...at least you kept your gym shorts on. You said your friend got the wood spoon over his shorts, so what did your mom use, if you got away easier? The belt may sound harsh, but I trusted my dad and knew the belt was deserved and I got it because of that and that dad cared. In less than a hour it felt OK to once again pull up my underwear and jeans and move on--so not extremely harsh. I don't think too many schools today still spank.

Guess you still need some learning when it comes to keeping curfew. Is it often then curfew that gets you spanked a good bit? No, I'm well beyond the age for spanking, but in my younger days, it seemed like dads rather than moms gave the spankings, especially once we got around 11/12 & older. Does your dad sometimes give spankings and does mom/dad sometimes require gym shorts or undies down?