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Parenting and Spanking

Think You Were Too Old

Posted by R.J. on 2017-01-05 00:56:11

Hi Jon,

Great food shared with a dear family is always a wonderful part of a holiday or any celebration. I have fond memories of great holiday dinners my mom and grandma prepared when I was growing up and sometimes I even got to help. Do you like to cook and help some or your job, just enjoying the eating part? I'm happy to hear that it's the tree and not you standing in the corner exposing a shiny red glow!!

I never knew a student who didn't gripe about having to do homework. Some day you will even more fully appreciate that education and what might seem to be torture now will reap great opportunities for your future. Bet your bottom doesn't hurt as much sitting to finish your homework or in classroom attendance compared to your dad spanking your bottom for not completing homework or paying attention in class. At least now you say haha!!

Has lying gotten you in more trouble when you were a younger kid and maybe now starting to outgrow the temptation to lie or dad still have to teach your bottom to be more truthful? I had my tail whacked over lies but as I got older I started to figure I was in enough trouble without trying to lie about it and fessed up. Does your dad make a spanking for lying more intense or last longer than a regular butt smacking you'd get if you hadn't lied? Likely no hahaha there either-right?

You too have a great 2017...


Posted by R.J. on 2017-01-05 01:07:46

Hey JB,

Growing up I had friends who got spanked by their mom and probably wondered what that would feel like compared to dad who did the butt tanning in our house. Neither parent ever face smacked me like some friends related they got sometimes, especially from a mom. Mom really didn't oppose me being spanked, but used corner time or what today might be called 'time-out' or just sending me to my room if I was out of control to await my dad to punish me. Probably the at home butt whippings I got from dad following the school paddlings earlier the same day were the more painful and intense spankings I recall since my backside was already tender from the principal's paddle.

Hope 2017 is a great year for you...


Posted by paddlebutt on 2017-01-05 20:57:10

Both my parents spanked me first time dad spanked me was when I was almost 5 I was being picked on by two brothers around the same age, I came home crying and my mom would usually hold me and comfort me as this happened a few times but this time my father was home he asked what happened I told him these two boys pick on me now I thought he was going to go outside and beat up these two boys who were twins my age, instead my father took me by the hand and took me into my room, there he sat on my bed pulled my pants and underpants down flipped me over his knee took his belt and hit me 6 times on my bare $%!@ I cried as it hurt real bad after he was done he put me on my bed and left I laid there crying, a short time later my butt was still sore but I stopped crying he had me stand up and told me your not going to grow up being a baby next time they hit you don't come running home or you'll get a much harder spanking. A few days later these two boys started picking on me again I remembered the spanking and my fathers words I started swinging my hands don't know if they were fist or open hand I just started swinging and hit them they hit me but I think I hit them harder cause one of them ran off crying and his brother looked at me and took off I know all three of us were crying but I surprised them and they left me alone after that. That was my very first spanking but definitely not my last. My mom spanked me until I was 9 she usually used the long handle brush that you use in the tub to scrub your back that hurt real bad she would usually spanked me with my underpants up but this time was different, in school at 9 years old I was mad at my teacher who paddled me the week before for doing something the kid behind me did not being a squeler I tried telling him I didn't do anything wrong hoping the kid behind me would stand up and take the blame he didn't so I got paddled 5 very hard swats, after school I caught up with the kid and asked him why he didn't tell it was him he said his butt was sore from a spanking he got last night with that I told him so now I'm going to go home and hand my mom the note and get my butt spanked with that I punched him in the mouth. I did get spanked when I got home so now besides being $%!@ed at this kid I'm mad at my mom or not believing me that it wasn't me and at the teacher for a very hard paddling. My 9 year old mind is thinking revenge so about a week later as we walked into class I picked up a piece of chalk from the black board I waited until the teacher had his back to the class and threw the chalk at him but the teacher turned just as I tossed the chalk and even though I missed him he came storming to where I was grabbed me by the ear and took me to the front of the class he made me bend over his desk and I knew this was going to hurt I received 10 hard swats from his paddle I refused to cry even though I could feel tears coming up I didn't even cry out I just held it in after he was finished he made me stand in the corner which was fine with me as I sure couldn't sit. After school my butt still felt the sting but it wasn't too bad when I got home mom asked me how was school and did anything happen I said no everything was ok, mom looked at me and I knew she knew what happened she received a phone call and was told what happened this was around 1954 she slapped me across the face I was totally taken back by this she never slapped my face she then told me to get ready for bed which meant I was going to get it so change into my PJs a few minutes later she came into my room very mad took me over her knee pulled my PJ bottoms down and started spanking me I still had my underpants on, my $%!@ still hurt from the paddling but now she's using her hand and I felt every swat of her hand but I decided I'm not going to cry, after about 10 hard swats she pushed me off her lap and went out of my room. About 5 minutes later she called me into the kitchen where my two sisters were sitting having something to drink as I came over to her she grabbed my arm turned me over her knee pulled my pants and underpants down both my sisters were watching they ha a good view of my naked butt they never saw me get spanked theve heard me getting spanked but never watched as I was struggling against my mom while over her knee I never expected that first smack from the back of that long handle brush but it landed and I let out a scream but she didn't stop until she felt I was well punished that was the last spanking I ever got from mom she told my father she couldn't handle me anymore so my father took over

Posted by paddlebutt on 2017-01-05 22:07:15

ive been paddled in school and then spanked when I got home because of the padding but I've received two spankings from my father in one day one after the other, I was walking home from school with a friend of mine who lived up the street from me, we were both 13 I know he's been spanked and he know I've been spanked but this took me by surprise as we came up to my house I turned into the side walk going up to my house and my father was there only he had his belt over his shoulder and that look on his face that I knew was trouble, as I walked up to him my friend stopped and watched my father the grabbed me by the back of my knock took his belt and hit me twice on my butt, he then yelled get up to your room and get ready for bed, I now remember what day this was my father had to go to school to talk to the principal about my failing grades I was in 8th grade and on the verge of being left back, this was 1958 and kids did get left back, I'm upstairs knowing I'm in for it as my father was very mad, he came into my room called me over to him as he was trying to control his temper he looked at me and said he had to lose a days pay to talk to the principal he worked hard for his money and didn't get paid if he didn't show up he really couldn't afford to miss a day and now I know my butts going to pay for it, he grabbed my arm pulled me over his knee and started spanking me with his hand which was very strong he had me crying in no time and when he finally stopped he stood me up I was crying like a baby rubbing my butt while he was yelling at me he said that's for me losing a days pay now I'm going to show you what's going to happen if you get left back with that he took me back over his knee even though I was still crying this time my underpants came down he then proceeded to spank me with his belt which had me screaming until he was finally finished he let me up and I fell into bed crying, in the morning my but had welts plus it was turning black and blue no way was I going to school. That night my father told me if you get left back that's only a sample of epwhats coming, in June I was left back I knew I was going to get it so I went home left the report card on the table and went back to the school figured I'm not going to be in any shape when my father gets home. About an hour later a car pulls up to the school and my father gets out he came into the school yard and looked at me and said don't you dare run so I stood there as the other kids watched my father came over to me grabbed me by the Kane know and all the way to the car he swayed my butt, at home he gave me a spanking which was one of the hardest he ever gave me up to that point, my butt was full of welts and no way was I able to sit down without any pain for two days I was also grounded for the whole summer but mom told him enough two weeks is enough. Now at 16 I was to old to be spanked like most of us kids thought,me and another guy was walking through our little town one of this towns where every one knows every one, we were walking home late for curfew which was 9:00 pm but it was only 9:30 so that's not to bad, we started throwing rocks at a sign when one of the rocks hit a store window glass shattered and the store owner came out saw us and yelled out our names, we were caught red handed our parents and the police were called we waited as our parents and the store owner talked at looked at the other kid and said we're in deep $%!@, we were sent home with our parents our fathers shook hands and separated as we walked into the house I figured I was going to be grounded until I went into the service, my father told me to get up to my room he had a look on his face that I knew if I was younger I would get my butt blistered with his belt but I'm 16 to old for a spanking. I was upstairs in the hall listening to my parents arguing my father told mom he needs to be hit mom said he's to old for that he's going to get a beating mom kept saying he's to old, my father told her we have to split the cost of that window and it's expensive, mom kept saying he's to old way to go mom, I heard my father walking and started heading up the stairs I went back into my room, my father walked in he took his belt off and told me to drop my pants I told him no way are you going to hit me with you belt I'm to old for that he told me to drop my pants I said no he swung at me and hit me in my face he said now drop your pants I knew he was $%!@ed but this was worse than when I got left back again drop your pants this time I dropped my pants he then pushed me down over the foot board of my bed he then pulled my briefs down and started beating me with his belt when he finally stopped my butt was chewed up I was crying seriously he never beat me this hard he broke the skin on my butt where I was bleeding the burning pain was very painful I slowly crawled into my bed my mom came into the room took a towel and tried cleaning my butt of the blood, in the morning I was very sore when my father walked into my room took his belt and hit me three more times on my bare butt which started the bleeding again and then he left again mom came in cleaned my butt I was crying from this last three shots she told me she couldn't stop him he was furious with me for doing something so stupid, it took me more than three days before I went back to school where I meet my buddy who also received a beating, I talked to the gym teacher about missing class I had to explain may I couldn't work out I even showed him a little bit of my butt cheeks and also about my friend who got the same, he told us to change for gym and he'll have us do something else, as we changed into our gym shorts guys were coming in to change one guy noticed some black and blue marks on my butt and said I'm too old to get spanked I told him I thought I was also but my father showed me differently, now that was the very last and worse beating I ever got

Posted by madisonnnn on 2017-08-19 21:19:21

I'm 14, my birthday was in June. I think I'm too old for spankings but my parents think it's better I get them more now. I seem to get them for a lot more things they say I do wrong now than when I was younger. Its like if I do something they think is wrong or I shouldn't have done, I get a spanking right away now. I didn't think it used to be like this. My last one was2 weeks ago for sneaking out if the house in the middle if the night. I get them now for talking back, not being respectful, for bad grades or test scores, for not doing what I'm told to do right away, and a bunch of other stuff. I have an older brother a younger sister and brother too and it seems like me and my older brother get them a lot more than my little brother and sister. They still get them but not as much as me I think.