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Parenting and Spanking

Think You Were Too Old

Posted by Jonathan Cool 13 on 2016-12-20 17:53:50

Hi Rick how've you been?

Sorry if sometimes you may see that I already posted replying to someone else but not yet to you, I don't do it purposely, the thing is that I not always have enough time to reply all the messages at once while also trying to enjoy at maximum the little free time I got at day between the tons of homework from school and studying, all before mum calls me for dinner or sends me to bath or to bed and all that (haha okay maybe also corner time if I've been naughty lol). But I always will do my best to keep up our communication, promise! hehe.

Yeah sure I bet even right now that I'm writing this there must be some boy somewhere in the world with his pants down being punished at his home, and surely when you're reading what I wrote there must be another boy in other point of the world crying while his bottom becomes redder and redder, and nope, that punished kid isn't me! hahaha.

Yeah it also applies to girls not only boys, though the true is that I'm not too sure if girls are spanked more or less frequently than us boys.

Don't know but I think that if nowadays we still would have corporal punishment at schools maybe things like bullying would be less frequent or at least less hard than it's for today's school kids. But I'm not too sure. Yeah I know it neither would be a good thing for my own bottom hehe though I behave and am good at school haha but yeah I'm a boy so my tail will always be at risk.

Yeah that happens that way in my friends group. Tonight one of my friends will get a spanking, I know it because he told it to me this morning. Apparently he told a lie to his mum, so let's see how's his tail tomorrow hehe.

Maybe it happened twice or so that daddy gave me a spanking for something I did while he wasn't at home and mum already spanked me for that. You know big troubles.

All punishments and even scoldings suck haha. Oh wow it was ages ago when I was 8, and I still have to stay in corner time after a spanking. But I'm not alone, some cousins and one of my best buddies also are sent to the corner. Were you grounded apart from being spanked?, I'm also sentenced sometimes to not leaving the house or my room even if I'm already have a sore and red tail inside my undies.

You too have the most lovely Christmas in the company of your beloved ones! Hey, and be good! ho ho ho!

Posted by R.J. on 2016-12-27 00:59:51

Hello Jonathan and yes, I'm doing fine. Had a nice Christmas family holiday and hope you did too. Don't ever fret about replies. I recall school days can sometimes be real hectic too and some schools are trying to rap up subject topics before Christmas break or even do end of term exams before break or prep students to be ready for term exams when they return in January. You keep your studies as top priority always. That followed by obeying mom & dad's requests and when time permits and you have a question or want to reply, that work OK for me.

You may be correct that somewhere in the world at every moment some young lad or girls is likely being punished at home. I suspect fewer spankings are being given now than when I was about your age. Society and parents seems to shy away from CP or they are doing a great job now disguising the fact publicly that they still spank. I'm sure girls get spanked sometimes but in my younger days, it seemed boys were more vulnerable for a smacked or paddled bottom.

Schools shouldn't need to devote time to discipline. Parents should set the rules & expectations for behavior at home, school and whenever away from home or a parent's sight supervision and enforce the rules with discipline. We had bullying too when I was in school, but one big difference was school dealt firmly if you were caught bullying and when notified, parents followed-up firmly too once home. It didn't seem fair to me at the time, but the last school paddling I got in high school involved me standing up to a bully defending a younger student I witnessed being bullied. Unfortunately the confrontation escalated into a hallway scuffle and we both were taken to the office. I think the principal took the paddle to the bully's butt a lot harder than he did to mine, but 10 paddle swats still stung my tail even over the jeans I was wearing. The only compensation I felt I got that afternoon was watching his 15 y/o tail bent over the desk in thinner trousers and yelping and squirming each of the 10 times his bottom got smacked. How do you think you would react or be able to tolerate a few paddle swats at school, if that was still a discipline option at your school? I saw myself as well behaved & good at school too but by 8th grade I slipped up enough to get my first school paddling and found out I too was a boy, as you said, my 'good boy' tail was at risk for a paddling.

I think lying always unravels and caught in a lie probably leaves most even more vulnerable for a sore bottom than if they had just fessed-up and took punishment initially for whatever they did and tried to lie out of. Has mom/dad ever spanked your for lying? Those two follow-up spankings from dad when he got home, were you aware that would likely happen or thought mom's spanking had resolved all? My mom wasn't a spanker so I never really could compare mom vs dad, but many guys use to say dad walloped their butt way harder than any mom gave and I can say almost all dads I knew growing up, busted your butt on bare flesh. Does dad, when he spanks, do it more often bare and more painful than mom's lickin's? I had a few groundings after being spanked but not as often as other guys would say they were spanked and grounded. I think my parents didn't want to monitor my teenage whereabouts so limited groundings. Sometimes after the paddle or belt, I wasn't confined to my room but stayed there after dad left to just recover and cool off my sore backside with skivvies still lowered and me face down on my bed.

Jonathan, continue to have a great holiday break. Be the best young man you can be for mom/dad and allow everyone to have a happy & pain-free remaining days.


Posted by R.J. on 2016-12-27 01:14:49

Hi JB...hope holidays are good days for you. Does it ever seem to you, as you've aged, that days move faster than they did in our younger days?

I can't recall ever challenging dad with the idea I was too big or too old to be spanked other than my last butt tanning at 16. I don't know why even then I tried it. I knew darn well I was guilty of that f-bomb and it soon became obvious dad overheard it. I think his bringing the old wood paddle to my room was the motivator. He hadn't paddled my butt in about 4 years and suspect I thought the paddle was well retired. My challenge only got me tanned with his belt rather than the paddle and one of the few, if not only time, dad simply put me face down/butt up across my bed, rather than stand and bend over. I was already seated on my bed when dad came in so when the belt came off his trousers, it was simply being told to open the waist of my jeans and then rollover face down on my bed...my jeans and boxers were lowered & the belt proved my bare a$$ was still vulnerable for a whipping.

I was always proud of my parents and never resented, well maybe for a few moments when the tail tanning was in progress, my dad punishing my rear-end when he & I both knew I was guilty and deserving. When I see now many of my young clients who grew up undisciplined and now incarcerated, I can't but be grateful my parents cared and loved enough to correct me when needed.

Happy New Year JB...


Posted by Jonathan Cool 13 on 2016-12-27 22:23:36

Hello hello Mr. Rick!

Yeah thanks I had a stunning Christmas time with my dear family, I ate tons of candies and great food and I enjoyed every moment. And nope, that shiny red thing in the living-room's corner isn't my bottom but just the Christmas tree! haha. I'm so happy to read you also enjoyed your Christmas time!

Thanks for your understanding and yes also for your advises.

Yeah schools still torture children this days, perhaps they don't spank us on our butt anymore like in the old days, but anyway they make sure we keep sat on the desktop's chair working on mountains of homework that they send us until our bottom ends hurting and feeling not too comfortable! hahaha.

Yeah it seems that we agree on many things about spanking and spanked children. For example I also think that boys get spanked more frequently than girls though I'm not too sure because I've never known a girl who gets spanked and actually I don't dare to ask a girl about spanking and let her know that I'm spanked at home. Yes! bullies must be punished on their abusive butts until they end crying like the big babies they really are! lol

Yes lying always ends making you to earn a punished tail, sooner or later. But I don't know why but no matter how much one tries to stay far from lying, sooner than later you end lying for one or other reason and then you end getting a spanking. It answers your question on if I ever had been spanked for lying, and I'm not lying! hahahahaha.

Once that I got a second spanking for the same offense by given by dad I already knew since earlier that I would be spanked again. Mum leaved it very clear to me while I was crying in the corner of my bedroom... In a different occasion the second spanking was a total surprise for me.. That's how are things with my parents, one can't never be 100% sure of what's coming next.

And yeah, although dad as a man is much stronger than mum, a spanking from any of both hurts a lot!

Bye and have a lovely last week of 2016 and from now a happy new year!

P.S: my parents are more than distracted talking with other adults downstairs so let's keep having fun up here! lol

Posted by Jonathan Cool 13 on 2016-12-28 18:55:00

Hi John, I also hope you're enjoying a lovely time!

Yes obviously there is a difference between men and women regarding how strong they're, but regarding how much hard could it be to receive a spanking from a mum or from a dad, well, at least in my case both are a very unpleasant and stinging experience for my poor bum hehe. Once at a sleepover a buddy of mine told me something like "oh you're so lucky Jonathan, I would rather getting smacked by mum than by dad". I simply lowered my pajamas and showed him my bum while telling him "oh boy how wrong you're..." haha and he quickly changed his mind! lol