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Parenting and Spanking

Think You Were Too Old

Posted by R.J. on 2016-12-02 17:24:35


I think teens do require some discipline and there are many options parents can look at to see what is most effective with their teen. At that age, if a boy earns a walloping on his bare backside, best that dad is the one to do that. Yes, there is a little humiliation or embarrassment but that shouldn't be the primary motive to mandate a butt tanning or to give the tanning bare hide.


Posted by Jonathan Cool 13 on 2016-12-04 06:30:11

Hi Rick,

Well, I know some boys who still are spanked at 13 though I sometimes wonder if there really are many boys around my age getting spankings or we are just a few in the whole world lol.

Both mum and dad spank me when I'm naughty as they say, but mum is who always is at home and even daddy usually is far from home due to his job.

I get spanked mainly with the hand and believe me those spanks really hurt and make you cry! but my parents also use the leather belt if I deserve a harder spanking or something so. I get spanked pants down, over my briefs and or on my bare butt.

Yep I know they love me and all that and if I'm naughty then they must punish me for my own good, even if it means ending crying in corner time with a red and sore tail he he.

Posted by R.J. on 2016-12-10 17:17:59

Hi Jonathan,

Even though spanking has lost much of it's social acceptance now compared to several decades ago when I was growing up, I suspect many parents are still spanking at home behind closed doors and just don't talk or reveal that fact too publicly. Yes, I suspect boys at 13 are still vulnerable to have pants down and whacked on butt. I'm guessing that you don't reveal that either unless it is really a good/close friend to tell. We often could tell in the lockerroom if someone's bottom showed suspicious marks when they changed into their jock and pe shorts, even if nothing was said. That time in lockerroom was also prime time to see damage results & maybe a few details if one of your friends had that 'trip' to the hall or office prior to pe class that day.

Even if dad is away at work, my guess would be at 13 it might be better that dad do your spankings, especially if it means bare bottom. Dad's hand as a little guy was effective with me, but by 13 I'm not sure his hand would've gotten much of my attention like the paddle or belt did. Does mom do most of the over briefs spankings you receive to save you from having to expose your bare butt?

What would it take you doing to have dad feel you need it harder and with the belt on bare butt? If dad comes to that 'belt decision' is there a usual place dad takes or sends you and a spanking routine he seems to follow?

Yes, I'm sure your parents do love you and punishment is just that tough love that sometimes is called for. No parent you deserves the title of mom or dad should ever delight in spanking but must sometimes for the young person's overall welfare. Do you at 13 still often end up standing in the corner sporting a 'red & sore tail' after spanked or as a teen maybe more likely grounded awhile to your room after?

Thanks for sharing your thought Jonathan.

Posted by Jonathan Cool 13 on 2016-12-11 18:12:00

Hi Mr. Rick,

Yeah sure, nowadays spankings may aren't as common as it used to be years ago but it still happens. And yes it seems that in the past people used to talk about spanking more openly, parents as well as kids. But know what?, I'm not the only kid I know that gets spanked, some of my friends are spanked by their parents as well as some of my cousins. And yep, I bet that also many other kids whose red butts I haven't seen hahaha. I don't go everywhere telling all the people that I get spank and pulling down my pants to show them my red cheeks, but yes I talk about spanking with my friends and all that. Oh, and we don't take showers in my school but anyway yes I get plenty chances to see red bottoms apart from my own one! lol

Well, when I say dad usually is away at work I don't mean he arrives home late in the night or something so, actually he works far from home sooo he isn't here for weeks and weeks. Oh yes I bet that old-days spankings were much more painful and surely many kids this days get harder spankings than others, but believe me, each one of those spanks I receive with the hand is really painful and stings and I end with a very red and sore tail! Mommy spanks me over my briefs as well as on my bare bottom, sometimes taking down my undies in the middle of a spanking when I've been already over her knees and other times she lowers my pants and undies before the spanking while I'm standing in front of her listening her lecture.

Don't know how to explain it, I earn the belt if I've been specially disobedient or something so, you know when you do something you're supposed not to do and misbehave big time! Mom as well as dad spanks me with the belt, and there's not special ritual or procedure except that I may get it over the bed tail up or something so if not over the lap.

Yeah corner time sucks! I also get grounded in my room but most of the time I end crying in corner time after a spanking.

Posted by R.J. on 2016-12-17 17:30:12

Hi Jonathan and wishing you a Merry Christmas and great holiday season...

I'm sure as you say, boys are still spanked (maybe girls too) at home without as much talk about it. It isn't as socially acceptable now as it once was. I see so much damage to lives of some on my clients at work and most times it traces back to little or no discipline at home growing up. Believe me...I never would advocate torture or any form of abuse, but think so many young people I deal with would've benefit from that occasional spanking they deserved in past years. I know schools can't any longer & maybe shouldn't be required to have a paddling option, but question sometimes if there are not major or violent incidents at school that could've have been reduced or avoided if students knew they could be paddled if caught committing? Do you see any incidents at school...you've done, or a friend/classmate in general did, that might have not been done if the school would've paddled if caught?

We too didn't discuss spankings in general conversation back in my school days either, but it came up among friends and especially if a friend got it at school over something or said he faced one at home for something he had done. I guess it still then is effective with you being spanked by hand. Has your dad every followed-up once home from one of his business trips and spanked/belted you for something you did while he was away, even if mom had already spanked you for it?

I seem to recall corner time ceasing around age 7/8 but grounding to my room was still an option into teen years. Which seems to work better with you--standing in that corner or sent/left in your room grounded after a spanking to recover? If corner time sucks in your opinion, I'm guessing you prefer being grounded.

Take care and enjoy your school holiday break. Behave over that Christmas break period and make it good for yourself... RICK