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Parenting and Spanking

Think You Were Too Old

Posted by rv101010 on 2016-10-07 11:16:57

Hi Analee

I think a girl is never too old to be strictly taken in hand and to be disciplined by CP

The way to use CP can vary from parents to other ones .

I believe in anticipation ; humiliation; pain and forgiveness as 4 steps in the punishment process ...

If you want to talk with me , you can send me a message at : rv101010@yahoo.fr


Posted by analee on 2016-10-07 22:42:35

Hi rv101010,

yes, you are right, a girl is never too old to be strictly taken and punished. I was answering before how i felt at the time - I thought i was too old to be spanked like that sometimes, but i know i was wrong. As long as i lived in their house, they had a right to punish me when i did something. In my case, i went from my parents to boyfriends who disciplined me.

I like your 4 steps. The anticipation and humiliation are very important. Although i think anticipation is somethign that just prolongs the punishment, and its more useful for erotic spankings, not discipline. Humiliation makes it easier for girls to accept and submit to a spanking. If you're humiliated by what's happening to you, then deep down inside you know that you deserve it. For me, it makes the pain easier to take. Of course, a punishment has to hurt for it to have any effect. and you dont feel anticipation or humiliation unless you know youre going to feel a lot of pain on an intimate place. And all of this has to go with forgiveness and love, or its just abuse.

Posted by erik2000erik200 on 2016-10-07 23:15:47

I am 16 and still get regular spankings. Usually with the belt but if my parents think I need harsher discipline, I get caned. I think it is too harsh. But I deserve most of the punishments, just they could be less painful.

Posted by R.J. on 2016-10-09 01:45:06

Hi Erik,

Mine were not regular or frequent at 16 but dad did deliver the belt to my bare butt still at 16 and though I thought at the time I was getting too old for that, I must admit I deserved the last one, at 16, I got. The cane was never a part of my discipline. I have heard from many in messages that were caned, some at home and some at school, that it was a harsh form of punishment that left red welt stripes and bruised soreness for days. Some said the cane was given sometimes bare and that must be especially painful. Were you ever caned with trousers lowered to underwear or bare?

I suppose if it is punishment for some misbehavior then it should be painful to some degree to impart the desired lesson but parents should be careful that it never becomes that harsh to be considered abuse.


Posted by R.J. on 2016-10-09 01:57:14

Hi Roger,

In a way I guess back then I was fortunate as a teenager, that it was dad who used the belt on my bare butt. I knew mom had seen me from birth bare bottom, but it would have been more embarrassing I think once I got around 11/12. My mom was not opposed to spanking but left that duty to dad even when I was younger. I too was overall well behaved when compared to others who talked about getting spanked by parents. So well behaved at school that I didn't earn my first school paddling until age 13 & 8th grade. There was another paddling my sophomore year of high school, but again compared to other guys at school, that was a good record. Was there some common reoccurring offense you seemed to commit that would still get your butt tanned around every couple months at age 15/16? You mention mom used a belt--was that dad's choice too and were you required to strip to bare butt?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.