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What are you wearing

Badly made poll

Posted by Skyfox on 2016-09-29 14:54:55

Why do you have questions with the option of "totally naked", then have follow-up questions that are required but have no option for naked/nothing? I'm a naturist (nudist) and wear nothing at all at home. Therefore for the pants question, with no option of "nothing", I have to leave it blank. But you required it as a question to be answered. Any answer I select will be false because I don't wear pants at home and I'm not wearing any as I write this. You have to be smarter than this when making a poll; either don't make your questions required, or provide options for all possible answers that will at least allow an answer that's compatible with the answers to previous questions. The same goes for the shoes question; in my home I'm either barefoot, or I wear slippers if my feet are cold. I don't otherwise wear shoes in the house but as a required question you don't give me any good answer to select.

Posted by TT-TT on 2016-10-01 02:50:08

How old r u. I am always nude in my room. Any other part of the place when people r here u usually wear briefs, speedo, or a thong in which I only wear for my boyfriend from school( it's hard to wear it cuz of my $%!@ size) but he likes it. When people aren't here u am totally nude.

Posted by eddiemorgan on 2016-10-17 14:12:52

I only wear underwear at home but had to say I was wearing shorts to be able to complete the poll.

Posted by freddiemason on 2016-10-20 20:38:53

Hi eddie,

Me too. I did the poll by saying I was wearing shorts, too.


Posted by The Townsends on 2020-06-22 04:28:46

Me and bro sleep stark naked