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Shoes off School Library.

Shoes off in school library.

Posted by THISISJOE on 2016-08-15 16:20:41

When i'm in school library i usually take off my shoes and socks and a few people look at me weirdly. I dont care about that tho, in fact my feet are often bare in the library,

As i was walking a girl said "You have nice feet" and sat next to me, a few other boys do the same thing but most of them put their socks on to put something in the bin or whatever, I dont i just walk barefoot, also i rip all the papers i throw away so im standing for longer.

The only time i put my socks and shoes on is when i leave or go toilet.

In my library its mostly boys who take their shoes off, but the girl next to me asked me to take her socks off for her so I did.

Also when i walked to the printer she ripped one of her papers in half and asked me to put it in the bin so I ripped it into more pieces and she said. She loves hands when they rip lol. She just wanted me to walk while im baefoot.

Also the boys who were barefoot were alot more focused that shoes.

Posted by Paulmaxalex on 2016-10-31 10:36:15

I normally like to be barefoot in alot of places, in library, i dont wear footwear at all. Guys are barefoot by far and the older they get, the more comfy the are with beeing barefoot.

Posted by psychologykate on 2017-02-19 09:54:34

I'm a teacher and I tend to teach a lot of my classes in bare feet just because I find it more relaxing. I also take my shoes off in the library and I have taught a few students who do that as well.