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Barefoot summer rules for boys

Boys barefoot

Posted by Ross19 on 2016-06-21 19:56:14

Sometimes I wish my parents took away all my shoes and socks for the summer. I think I missed out on some good barefoot days.

Posted by barefootboy111 on 2016-06-25 06:00:42

I'm barefoot all summer long and even go to school barefoot. From March to October is taken from me any footwear. Last year they allowed me to wear shoes at least in winter. This year, I am afraid they'll take away my shoes throughout the autumn, I hope they will leave my shoes at least in the colder months. I like being barefoot in the summer, but with the bad season I'd rather wear shoes.

Posted by tacodevice35 on 2016-06-25 16:56:52

im used to be barefoot... in colder months ill get shoes but its up to my parents.

Are others barefoot in school too?

Posted by Ross19 on 2016-06-26 09:24:04

Barefootboy. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. In my view boys don't need shoes and should be barefoot as much as possible. How do you get on at school? Does anyone else go barefoot?

Posted by barefootboy111 on 2016-06-27 08:43:39

As for me, if I have to wear shoes or be barefoot is decided not only by my parents, but also from my sisters or from friends of my sisters. For this I am afraid of having to be barefoot even in winter. it is enough that one of them decides that I must remain barefoot, I gotta stay barefoot. In the school which is always barefoot there's only me. . There is also some girls who likes to come barefoot sometimes, some kids who, seeing me come to school barefoot, but not forever, just for a short period. No one forced him to stand barefoot, so when he realizes that to a kid is not convenient being barefoot, then back to wear shoes.