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Barefoot at home rules

Bare feet

Posted by Ross19 on 2016-05-20 18:50:03

So I've been forcing myself to be in bare feet at home for over a year now. Even went through the winter barefoot. The self rule came about due to my want to be barefoot as much as possible and now it's just habit and I cannot be without bare feet at home. Also need to point out by home I mean the garden, garage, drive and street.

Anyone have any stories?

Posted by cosetta on 2016-05-24 01:17:07

The only one who must always remain barefoot in my house is my brother. He is almost always barefoot everywhere even during the winter and is dressed wearing only his briefs during the summer. A nice role for a kid who gets used to being better, respectful and obedient.

Posted by Ross19 on 2016-05-24 21:08:12

Exactly how boys should be. Barefoot! How does your brother like being in bare feet and in underwear most of the year?

Posted by cosetta on 2016-05-28 04:03:16

Yes, boys should be always barefoot. He has always been used to being barefoot and he is perfectly comfortable. The same thing wearing only briefs during the summer. Among other things, he makes little noise when he walks in the house and is more available to put himself into a corner when there are people he must not annoy.

Posted by Ross19 on 2016-05-28 06:58:35

So he has to stand in the corner when certain guests come over? What are the winters like still barefoot and in briefs