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Micro skirts 2016

My favourite

Posted by allegria_vagina on 2016-05-17 15:50:16

The skirt I love most is the tiniest flared denim micro mini you could imagine. It shows 3/4 of my buttocks and I think wearing knickers with a micro mini is ruining the drama. There's an alluring dark shadow at the front when I walk and whenever I sit down, it becomes obvious it was my vagina! Sometimes I cross my legs to be coy, but I know that the base of my vagina still peaks out - so pretty!

Posted by mascorta on 2016-07-20 14:22:44

I have always liked the look and feel of mini skirts but a couple of years ago a boyfriend got me into really, really short skirts - preferrably without knickers and I got completely hooked: It is such a sexy feel to wear just a tiny bit of cloth around your hips, the challenge to hide (or not to hide!) what's underneath (or not) when the skirt is actually completely inadequate for it ... a huge turn on. The boyfriend is history (he was an idiot), but the micro skirts stayed around. You can say, I have a fetish on wearing them.

However, my history with him inspired me to do the poll Did you make your skirts shorter for boyfriend or husband?. If you haven't, please consider taking it.

I do like micro skirts in all styles: tight, flared, with slit, plaited, denim, spandex, sheer - as long as they are tiny enough. Most I have, sit low on the hips. That's one of the reasons why pubic hair or knickers for me are no-nos with micro skirts. That would just look either ridiculous or gross. Anyway, obviously there are situations where knickers are necessary. Please let me know what you think about these situations in What's sexier? Really short micro skirt with thong or just (bigger) panties?.

As I said, for me, micro skirts are some kind of a fetish. Walking around with them, keeps me in a wonderful state of arousal. I expected this arousal to wear out over the years and it has a little bit but nearly not as much as I had expected: Wearing so tiny skirts is more than a clothing choice, it's a statement and people's reactions are always a huge reminder of that. Latin American men (I am from and live in South America) are quite verbal and sometimes quite touchy when they see a woman so barely covering her treasures. Reactions can be pretty varied and I also have a poll about that: What do you think about women wearing really short skirts?



Posted by allegria_vagina on 2016-07-24 18:24:15

Welcome to my poll. Glad you got something out of that relationship even though he turned out to be an idiot. Hope you find/have found someone great. Latin American culture is great - I love the dancing and some of the routines are so sexy to dance with a great guy or bf - hip to hip and groin to groin often. Micro skirts are normal over here now - often even worn in high school - not sure I agree with that. Adults often wear them clubbing or to parties without knickers. Outfits like http://www.cheekyfun.co.uk/ekmps/shops/cheekyfun/images/micro-mini-skirt-pink-polka-dot-6793-p.jpg or http://67.media.tumblr.com/84e8089461d36c3c2c7b8cc2782c2048/tumblr_n60v1yCgKE1rjp54lo1_500.jpg are par for the course on a night out.

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Posted by sophie_richardson on 2016-07-24 18:34:12

For me, it was always mainly about showing plenty of buttock and if any groin or knicker showed, that was almost incidental. Now, however, buttocks are so often showed at parties and clubs they don't stand out. So, now I focus a lot on vagina cleavage. http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/612627 ( see also http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/612584). My micro skirts now are mainly intended to flirt with my vagina. In fact, some of my skirts are longer at the back than at the front. The look for me now is about showing some buttock (but usually medium at most) and having dark teasing shadow at the front as I walk. When I sit down, I can decide what to show - although some are so short that coverage is hard to achieve. Often, if it's a social event, I will position myself to deliberately show right up my skirt to my vagina when sitting down.A few years ago, I wouldn't have been so brave. My whole vagina teasing thing isn't only about flashing up micro skirts - as can be seen in my friend's poll linked above, it's also about wearing skirts (or indeed other items) so low on the hips that some (or all?) of the groin shows. My whole fashion seems focused on teasing men with my vagina - it's rather direct isn't it!

Posted by Illy_Girly on 2016-07-24 18:40:13

You are bold Sophie but you look great! And yes I've seen your vagina many times! But we're both straight girls. I usually go for a quirkier look. I have this very short pleated denim micro skirt that I wear with either bright pink polkadot knickers or a sequin pink thong. The point is to make the knickers really obvious. Just once in a while I might leave them off, ha ha, but I'd have to be feeling brave to do that with my shortest skirt.