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Friendly affection


Posted by allegria_vagina on 2016-09-05 05:57:45

I've always been a really affectionate person, full of big hugs for close friends male and female alike, and I hate walking with a close friend without some nice affection. Gladly my partner understands real friendship and I allow him to have real friendships with males and females too. Some people say inappropriate if in relationship but that seems to suggest the friendships aren't real.

Posted by sophie_richardson on 2016-09-05 06:04:01

I agree - I love affection and what matters is how it feels - is it sweet and caring or is it sexual? When I walk with my brother, he almost always puts his arm around my waist and caresses me, including a bit on the bottom. I just put my hand on his bottom and pat him softly. It's a brother sister thing. I have a couple of close male friends and they hold my waist too - one asked me not to pat his bottom, which I thought a bit of an odd request. But he explained and reassured me he was a real friend, so we now just hold waists.

Posted by glam999 on 2016-09-05 06:07:50

I'm same roughly. A close friend is a close friend. I love to sign xxx xxx and snuggle really close with any close friend. Hug either big or huge - I prefer the latter but one or two of my male friends don;t like me vigorously bouncing my breasts into them and don't want hip contact - the others do. Walking - arm around waist/bottom. Sitting - close or in lap.

Posted by Illy_Girly on 2016-09-05 06:11:09

You need to be really sure of their motives - i don't have any male friends i would trust like that - a gay one maybe. Also if in relationship need to consider partner

Posted by sexyandscary on 2016-11-04 07:15:35

I like big affection too. Makes me feel very valuable and also feminine. My boyfriend of course must be extremely affectionate to me, if we're walking alone together, I expect him to touch me either on the waist or bottom. My best girlfriends all do something similar when walking with me too. I have a few close male friends too. I love affection with them too. Just however feels right with the individual.