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Are police shootings of minority groups a problem or not?

What a strange poll!

Posted by Anon24 on 2016-03-18 03:40:46

I presume the poll is directed at residents of the USA only. The police shoot very few people in the other major democracies or indeed in any country that makes a pretence at the rule of law.

Getting shot is a major problem for the victim, their family, friends and community, whatever the circumstances.

There is no doubt that in the USA members of minority groups are individually at much greater risk of getting shot by the police than non-minorities. An out of control, militarised, poorly trained or disciplined, or prejudiced police force is undoubtedly a serious threat to all and not just oppressed minorities.

I presume the intended purpose of the poll is to determine how concerned people in the wider community are about police shootings. Unfortunately, those who answer polls such as this, are very unlikely to be representative of the wider community. It is unclear whether those who see no problem are ignorant of the facts or just uncaring.

Posted by 50000 on 2016-05-28 07:20:08

You say "ignorant of the facts," but all ethnic groups that are subject to more brutality by the police forces are also more likely to commit crimes based on their population sizes and numbers of annual convictions. Also, although the media makes it out to be a huge current issue, and in many of the reported cases it most certainly is, going by statistics it's not that big of a deal and is (like other instances of violence in the nation) improving rather than getting worse.