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What type of GIRL you like most? (Updated Version)

Great Work...:)

Posted by mrresearcher on 2016-02-18 09:25:18

Very well detailed poll. Excellent poll to bring out the real inner thoughts of men. This poll will definitely show that in what type of girls men are truly attracted to. No matter from which race or religion a man is.

This poll is yet very fresh, because it has been launched few days ago, and great to see it has been chosen by the Editor. I admit that, this is the first time I came here on misterpoll, and to be honest, your poll is the first one which caught my eyes and I voted this poll first. I hope more guys will give their opinions, and I'd consider that, girls also should see the result of this poll. It'll let them know what type of girls guys really prefer.

But, one thing for sure, what I came to know through this poll is that, interestingly, it seems that white girls are by far the most popular as far as what type of girl is most attractive. It is obvious that most of the white guys will choose white girls over any other girls. But it's even more shocking to see that, men from other races are mostly selecting girls from white race over their own race. Although white guys are majority here. But, it's easy to find that almost every single guy from other races voted for white girls. Because, not a single girl from another race (other than white) didn't even get a single vote, when many guys from their own race participated in this poll. So, it's clear that even guys from other races love white girls. It's like they are all obsessed with white girls.

My curiosity is to know why guys from other races love white girls so much? Is it that they really want it, or dream about it? Or do they know that they will choose a girl from their own race, but deep inside they dream about white girls? Then isn't it like cheating his partner? Or is it the effect of Western media? And why white girls are so much desirable in all over the world? It's like a non-white guy will start worshiping a white girl if he finds one. Is it the after effect of post-colonial time?

I'm not being racist here. I've respect for all the races and religions. But I'm just curious to know about it. If you can make another poll after researching about it, it'll be great.

By the way, it seems that you have researched about many things before making this poll. I appreciate wholeheartedly your time and hard-work for this. Other than color, race and religion, there are many questions which are really tricky to answer and will definitely tease the brain. You did an amazing work by creating this awesome poll.

Best of luck and Keep up the good work.