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most embarrassing

Posted by analee on 2016-01-13 22:38:55

when my parents were away, they put my cousin, who was 4 years older, in charge of disciplining me and my sister. once when i did something pretty bad, he said he was going to punish me. he made me get naked, because he knew that was how my stepdad punished me. he put me over his knee and spanked my bottom. (my stepdad had me bend over something when i turned 13 because i was too old to be on his knee then, but my cousin put me over his knee.) he spanked me, and the worst part was that i got aroused. i knew he could tell, he kept trying to open my legs and look at me there. i was so embarrassed and that just made me more wet. he kept spanking me, and it went on for a long time. he thought i was enjoying it, but it really really hurt and i just couldnt help getting wet.

at one point, he stopped and stood me up, and i thought it was over. but he went to my desk and got a ruler and then bent me over again. i thought he would see my face and see that i was really hurting, but he didnt, he just bent me over and kept swatting me with the ruler. i couldnt hold in my cries, but he didnt care because he could see my vagina.

Posted by analee on 2016-02-01 22:51:48

I wish people would comment. I've told a lot of really personal things here, that most women dont talk about,, and would love to know what people think or if it is read at all.

Posted by Dazo on 2016-02-09 01:04:34

Dear analee

The situation that you describe when your cousin spanked you when you were 13 is what was the basis for my poll."Unintentional female sexual arousal during corporal punishment."

Just because a girl shows signs of arousal does not mean that she enjoys being punished.

Posted by analee on 2016-02-10 00:05:31

Dear Dazo,

Yes, it is so true that arousal does not mean enjoyment. there is such an incredible feeling of helplessness when you feel your body getting excited when you know that mentally and emotionally you dont want sex.

I dont know how many women experience this or to what degree. I know that most women i've talked to about it think its crazy that you can get horny when something is done to you that you dont want. A lot of women get turned off when they are mortified or embarrassed, and their bodies just shut down. I've just always been more complicated and neurotic from the start. It's like i just give off pheromones when i really shouldnt.

I dont even blame my cousin, not really. I was so $%!@ed at him for so long after, and i never stayed home alone with him again. but he was punishing me the way he thought he should, even though he took full advantage to get to spank me naked. i can see how it was confusing when the girl he's spanking is getting aroused. since he was just thinking with his $%!@ i'm sure, he overlooked my crying. but he must have known that he was really hurting my bottom.

The thing is, the more embarrassed i felt, the more dirty i felt. And i felt i deserved what i was getting. the fact that i was giving him a front row seat to my arousal made me feel like the dirtiest $%!@ in the world.

Posted by Dazo on 2016-02-13 02:29:12

Dear analee

Your third paragraph once again shows your wisdom in these matters. Once he saw your arousal after that point he was spanking you for himself, not punishment. The more turned on he saw you were becoming the more it turned him on. (He was thinking with his $%!@, just like you said.)

In response to

"most women I've talked to about it think its crazy that you can get horny when something is done to you that you don't want."

There are lots of complicated psychology involved women are very complex creatures and several reasons here is the one I have mentioned before.

Women (generally but not always) have a superior pain coping mechanism to men.

Extending this to other negative/uncomfortable experiences besides pure pain some women's brains (and hence their bodies) attempt to keep them sane buy countering the unpleasant experience with chemicals that are pleasurable.

The most powerful of these are beta endorphin's which I have talked about before.

Large quantities are produced by sexual stimulation thus why sex (especially orgasm) is so pleasurable. It is part of your bodies 'Coping mechanism'

In my polls I asked women do you become turned on by embarrassing/humiliating situations?

It prevents them from feeling ashamed and humiliated for the rest of their life. :)

It also explains BDSM fetishes.

This is only 1 reason/explanation.

There is nothing wrong with women who are like this and I actually prefer women who are like this because they are less likely to easily take offence and snap back at you at the very slightest sexual thing that embarrasses them and call you a sexist.

The sad thing is is that at the opposite end of the scale this has been used by rapists in an attempt to justify rape.

The old........... "You say no, but your body says Yes!" line.