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School corporal punishment

Error notice from the creator of this poll.

Posted by Mrellfav on 2015-12-08 05:02:58

I apologize about the last question. It should have asked which forms of corporal punishment should be required to be used in at least one certain circumstance. I accidentally forgot to change "allowed" to "required" as I copied and pasted that portion of the question from the question before that question.

Posted by Anon24 on 2016-03-02 02:11:29

Whether a school uses CP or not, and under what circumstances, is a matter for the local community to decide. There needs to be a broad consensus on the issue, with limited opt out options for families with strong objections to CP.

Some believe CP is most useful for younger students while others believe it is most useful for older students.

Some favour CP as a first choice option for minor offences while others believe it should be reserved for repeat offenders and serious offences.

In the past, boys were much more likely to receive CP than girls in part because they were much more inclined to commit offences that were punished corporally. Also, boys were considered more likely to benefit and less likely to be harmed by CP than girls. This view is no longer considered politically correct.

It is axiomatic that the implement used to administer CP should be safe even if used too forcefully.