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Tickling as discipline for kids

tickle punishmemt experiences

Posted by stupiddegenerate on 2020-09-04 20:39:10

I was always naked for the sessions as they'd tickle me too. My first orgasm with them was not dry as I had already hit puberty. I didn't know how to feel about it back then as I barely knew why I wanted to touch myself, I just knew that the pressure from the edging was very frustrating. I never told people at school as I thought it was normal. I also went to a private school so maybe it was normal for them too?

Posted by Randomtask_ on 2020-09-04 20:44:14

no i mean if you were naked after the session or could you get dressed completly?

did they shave you? how did they tickle you? did they use something?

you already said and i agree that your body was cause of the edging and keeping edged for a longer while, very sensitive so tickling was sure more intensive.

do you think your parents would still do it if you would living with them?

Posted by stupiddegenerate on 2020-09-04 21:19:04

Ah, well after the belt was put back on I could wear my normal clothes. If you mean pubic hair, it was shaved to not have discomfort with the belt. Tickling was usually on my feet, legs, sides, ribs and neck. Thigh and crotch tickles to test my limits. Oh, tickling was ritualistic too. My toes would be tied back and stretched to maximize sensitivity, as well as oil or lotion used on ticklish spots. Everything was very intense.

Unsure if they could handle me now haha.

Posted by Randomtask_ on 2020-09-04 21:41:31

i often was made to stay naked after the tickling session, sometimes for more tickling or teasing. even if i was allowed to get back in shorts, i was still shirtless and barefoot for maybe more afterwards.

did you shave yourself or did they do it?

did you just react with laugher to the tickling? you wear talking about moaning and cursing or was this just during the edging process?

oh really? was there so much change in the years? sure its a diffrence between 18 and 24, but you did "enjoyed" it in a way and liked the controll so would you be totally against it?

Posted by stupiddegenerate on 2020-09-04 21:55:18

They did it when they would adjust the belt. Moaning would happen during tickling when they transitioned to trying to test me. Cursing usually when I'd get edged yeah. After a while when they pulled their hand away and I was just left when the pressure I'd have some dramatic reactions. Edging wasn't rapid either. I'd usually get 1-2 minute breaks between edges as they thought it'd be more intense than several in a single minute. Would be stroke stroke stroke, edge, release and wait. Tickling sometimes would happen during the cooldown periods to see if I could control myself. After they felt enough time went by, back to it. Stroke stroke stroke, edge, release.

as for letting them do it again, i mean idk maybe. i cant say i miss it though