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Tickling as discipline for kids

tickle punishmemt experiences

Posted by stupiddegenerate on 2020-09-03 03:30:51

Basically yeah. Jerking off prohibited, usually with the help of a belt. Punishment was the only time I was freed but not for any pleasure. Tickle torture of course but only after I was edged wuire heavily. I was to practice self control, so the edging was before tickling as I was usually so sensitive from the denial that tickling me would make it come out. That was not allowed though. My parents deliberately pushed me and it was my job to hold back like a good boy. I only messed up a few times where they punished me with intense overstimulation.

Edging would be worse and worse as time went on, my desperation quite heavy. I'd be edged as close as they knew they could safely get me. Ruins school concentration for a few weeks until you get used to it.

Posted by Randomtask_ on 2020-09-03 04:20:04

When did this start for you? I didn't get a belt or cage but was often reminded that there were those things to keep me in line.

Did you have to tell them when you were close to shoot or did they notice it anyway? Was it ever infront or with the help of someone else?

How were you punished when lost control and cummed? Tickling and edging went hand in hand here. So sure i cummed during it a few times, sometimes with the intention.

Were there times you were allowed to $%!@?

On what spots you were tickled? How and were you tied? Did you had other limitations or restrictions? did you had other punishments like spanking, corner time, etc.?

Posted by stupiddegenerate on 2020-09-03 11:12:14

It was pretty early for me, my parents were very strict in regards to this, so they caught me once and it was like that. At first, edging sessions were a learning process. It was very much like a ritual. Undressed, tied up spread eagle with a tight, tight strap over the hips and sometimes the thighs (so I couldn't hump their hand) to their bed (it was more sturdy than mine) and once I was secured they would remove the belt, apply lube and get me hard. I was instructed to alert them at different points. When I felt I was half way, when I felt I was 75% of the way, and then when I was almost going to $%!@. They were good at reading my body language, but mostly wanted me to tell them so they associated certain reactions to where I was. Twitching, moaning, fists balling, toes curling. Things like that. Also this was always private with one or both of my parents, never any extra guests. If I had siblings I am sure they would have incorporated them though, as it would be extra incentive to see the strained face of your brother or sister in the same position you'd be in. Heh.

After they had done this for a while, like a few months, my desperation usually was so much I'd struggle getting strapped in for punishment. The punishment by the way was less for doing bad things and more a maintenance because they wanted it to be like training. Anyway, at that point I'd be basically hard from belt removal and two strokes of their hand was enough to edge me and I'd really really want to $%!@.

The tickle torture would actually have started later when touching me was almost impossible. Punishment as I said, was a lot of over-stimulation. They figured if I wanted to $%!@ once I'd want to $%!@ several times. One orgasm usually meant five or six in a single session. Draining me, literally. This was likely to make me not associate failing with pleasure, but rather more punishment.

There were times I was allowed to $%!@ with pleasure though, and that was when I did something they asked of me. Maybe get really good grades or something. At that point, I'd be strapped in as usual but when the belt was removed, I was given a pleasurable orgasm. Full, not ruined, not denied. I was to hold back most of the time, then my sweet release would be dutifully earned.

Posted by Randomtask_ on 2020-09-03 11:32:43

Here it was a result of one spanking, when i cummed during it on my moms lap. So it stopped getting me punished on that way (mostly). So they needed other ways, didn't allow me to jerk off without permission, tickling, other punishments and spanking differently. Mostly now by holding the table or sometimes standing position in general.

Stripping wasnt really necessary since i was almost all the time in just shorts or underwear at home or even naked, in summers outside too.

Tickling and endging went hand in hand together. So after or during one stimulation cause tickling there was additional pressure by touching and tickling my $%!@ and balls to finally edge me completely. I had to tell when i was close too, but i know they noticed it anyways..

Mostly i was tied aswell, sometimes i wasnt and just kinda of free to squirm and wriggle around, but sure often hold in position during this. Mostly by my mom, her friends, neighbors, my friends. My parents were divorced. My dad was more around for serious spanking punishment.

When you were allowed to $%!@ with pleasure, was it infront of them or on your own? Milking you like that is sure one painful way to punish in that matter.

How often you were published like that? So once a month? Every 2 weeks? Who stripped you? Could you take off your clothes or were you stripped by them? When you were allowed to $%!@ with pleasure? Were you spanked too? Or other additionally punishments?

Posted by stupiddegenerate on 2020-09-03 11:54:45

If i was finally allowed release, it was still under the supervision. Every aspect of orgasms was linked to discipline. Training to control myself under their stimulation, denial to motivate me to earn my orgasms through exceptional work, then they would give it to me. Like dangling treats in front of a dog then giving it to them finally.

I was stripped by them. Everything under the same kind of discipline obedience umbrella. There was no spanking, except maybe on my balls if I complained too much. That was another thing, that gagging never happened as they needed to hear me, but if I complained or begged or cursed too much I'd get a nice swat where it hurts the most. then we'd continue.