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Tickling as discipline for kids

tickle punishmemt experiences

Posted by PassionateMom on 2020-04-15 03:00:30

As they know I'm in charge in the house and that's where they live, nothing has changed, even if they grew up a little bit.

Posted by Leon Shark on 2020-04-16 23:45:44

I love the edging punishment cause you can effectively make orgasms the real motivator. Maintaining desperation while punishing bad behavior with worse sessions. If they want orgasmic release they fix their behavior. It accelerates too cause more edging means more desperation . They will eventually learn.

Posted by Jessica Smaleryder on 2020-04-17 15:15:39

I will continue to use this method until he moves out of the house. As for orgasm denial, my son is a bit too young to have orgasms, but that is definitely something I will do when he gets older.

I usually have no trouble with him undressing and laying still while I tie him. When he was younger and I first started this punishment he used to try to run away from me when I told him he was going to get punishment. To fix this, every time he ran away I would catch him, (as I'm faster than him), drag him to his bedroom and put him on his bed. I would then get on his bed and wrestle him into a sleeper hold. Once he passed out I would take his clothes off of him, carry him to my bedroom, put him on my bed, and tie him up. Once he came to, I would tickle him as usual, but when the tickling was done I would flip him onto his stomach and retie his arms to the bedposts and his feet to a bedpost in the middle of the bed so he was in a Y position with his legs together. I would then severely spank him, usually 50-75 spankings per butt cheek. I would then make him take his cold shower, and then while he was waiting to dry off I would make him do 50 squats, which would make his already sore butt hurt even more.

Let me just tell you he doesn't try to run away anymore :)

If anyone wants to chat with me I'm available at jessicasmaleryder@gmail.com

Posted by Jessica Smaleryder on 2020-04-20 01:58:58

Yesterday while my son was doing chores, he accidently dropped and broke a flowerpot. He said that our dog had bumped the table and that's how it had dropped, but I checked the footage on the security camera and I saw him drop it. He had lied to me. I showed him the footage and he owned up to it, but it was too late. He had already lied. I made him clean up the shards of the flowerpot with his bare hands, then once it was cleaned up I led him over to the couch and told him that he had been very naughty, and how dare he lie to me, and that he was getting punished.

I took him upstairs to his bedroom and had him take off his clothes. Once he was naked I led him to the bathroom and he went to the bathroom (with me watching). After that led him by the wrist to my bedroom, and he got on my bed and I tied him spread eagle. I blindfolded, ball gagged, and ear plugged him. I then did my usual three hour tickling session. After that, I untied him and made him roll over onto his stomach. I retied him, then because lying is a very serious offense to me and because I was feeling extra vengeful, I gave him 50 hard spankings on each butt cheek.

After that I dragged him to my bathroom and had him take a 20 minute icy cold shower. While he was in the shower I made him hold hot sauce in his mouth for five minutes, then I washed his mouth out with soap. Once he was done with the shower I made him stand there freezing cold without a towel. I even turned on a fan so as to blow even more cold air on to his body. While he was standing there drying off I made him do 50 squats to make his sore bottom hurt even more. While he was doing this I lectured him about what he did wrong.

Every day, I give him a four hour massage. On the weekend I start the massage at 3 PM. However, I started tickling him around 2:15, and I didn't get done with tickling him and the cold shower until around 5:45 PM. Now, the rule is that I always give him a massage no matter what. So After he had dried off, I took him back to the bedroom and had him lay back down on the bed on his back. I blindfolded him, and put earphones playing soothing music in his ears. I then took my own clothes off, as the rule is that we're both naked during his massage. I then gave him his four hour full body massage. After the massage I led him back to my bathroom and we took a nice hot shower together. By the time we got out of the shower it was 10:00 PM. At this point he asked me if he could go to bed, because he was tired. But I had one more trick up my sleeve: sleep deprivation. (As I said I was feeling vengeful)

When he asked me if he could go to bed, I told him that we were going to watch TV for half an hour, then he could go to bed. So we went and put our pajamas back on (up to this point we were both naked), then we went downstairs and I turned on the TV. After half an hour he again asked me if he could go to bed. This time I told him flat out no. I told him that because he lied to me he would be staying up all night, and that he should get comfortable.

And so we watched TV together all night. From 10PM to 4AM we watched TV. In order to keep him awake, I tickled him profusely during commercial breaks, and I warned him that if he dozed off I would drag him upstairs and he would take another cold shower. At 4AM today we started our day as usual.

That's what happened yesterday. After it was all done he looked up to me bleary-eyed and said "I'm sorry Mommy that I lied to you." And we hugged and we kissed. I'm pretty sure he learned his lesson and that he won't be lying anytime soon.

Posted by TicklishBoy12345 on 2020-06-10 11:27:29

Punishment story

Once, I accidentally talked back to my mom.

It was only an accident and I was just trying to prove a point, but I regretted it instantly.

She told me I had earned a level three punishment and would be punished according by her, dad and my brother.

I tried to get her to just take away computer or TV privileges or to ground me, but all the begging in the world wouldn't change her mind.

She told me to go upstairs to get prepared (shower) and meet in the bedroom in 1 hour shirtless and barefoot and if I was late, the amount of minutes I was late by would get added to the punishment session.

I took my shower and went to the bedroom where my parents were both waiting for me.

I was told to lie on my back and spread myself out.

I did as I was told to avoid further punishment.

Once I was tied spread eagle and a blindfold was applied

I began to wiggle about. I was dreading the wild hour I was in for.

Once they were ready, my parents and my brother began tickling me on my feet.

As they were allowed to use their fingers as well as the to tools from this level and the previous one, I was doomed.

My mom and dad both tickled my toes with feathers and my brother tickled my soles with his fingers, causing me to laugh hard and even squeal sometimes.

My brother used a backscratcher next, and a howled with laughter and apologized for my behaviour of talking back to my mom profusely. She just told me it was too late and to take my punishment as she and dad kept tickling my toes.

Next, my brother kept tickling my toes using the backscatter while my mom and dad both ran forks up and down the soles of my feet.

I was screaming with laughter at this point, but the punishment kept going for the entire hour.

Once the session was over, my parents let me go.

Because it was level three, I was forbidden to put my shirt or footwear back on until the next day, so even after my punishments I still got tickled by my brother and parents.

I was truly regretful for what I'd done and was careful not to do it again.