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Tickling as discipline for kids

tickle punishmemt experiences

Posted by stupiddegenerate on 2020-04-10 23:47:01

Orgasm denial seems like a fun thing to do. Especially early teens, this can be an extremely effective punishment. Living up to your name, Tie-n-Teaser. Compliments tickling well, and vice versa. Have anything to share there? :P

Posted by TwixTort on 2020-04-11 03:06:55

Edging is a perfect thing to do in addition with tickling torture. A long session everyday and the impossibility for him to relieve himself because of a tight bondage all the night. And of course, the most important, it's very humiliating for a teen.

Posted by PassionateMom on 2020-04-11 03:19:15

Yes I still use that punishment with my children, and that is still effective so there is no reason to stop in my opinion.

Posted by Leon Shark on 2020-04-11 04:06:09

Do you have any stipulations for that? Like do they know they are gonna be edged and is there a goal or do you just rack them up over a few hours? Sounds rough. Probably works like a charm. Hah.

Posted by TwixTort on 2020-04-11 05:41:23

Do you have no difficulty getting them to undress and tie for punishment? With age could it become more complicated?

I think it's a good way to teach them restraint, and that sexual liberation has to be earned. In addition, if they are older, punishments must accompany this until they leave the house. The only question mark would be a possible rebellion ..?