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Tickling as discipline for kids

tickle punishmemt experiences

Posted by PassionateMom on 2019-01-25 23:38:25

@TicklishBoy12345 Excellent! Your parents seem to be really experienced in that discipline judging the way you described it. Different levels for different offenses, that's how it should be done

Posted by TicklishBoy12345 on 2019-03-16 19:53:03

Hi, just answering some questions and posting a description of what a typical session was like for me.

somebodyelse: no, the tickles were only ever used on me and my brother as far as I know, and no, we weren't ever naked, but from level 4 up, we were only allowed underwear.

passionatemom: they were experienced in the punishment. On our 6th birthday, me and my brother were tested all over for where our worst spots were, and then were told each others worst spots to not just make punishments easier for the brother allowed to help, but open us up to tickle attacks from each other.

A typical session: the first thing that would happen, is I would be told by my parents that I had broken the rules, and it was time for one of our sessions. I hated hearing that, because I knew what was to come.

I would get told what I had done wrong, and what level it would be. Then, they took me to the bathroom to prepare me.

Preparation included removing items of clothing required by the punishment level, and being frisked to make sure I wasn't hiding anything I could use to escape the tickling (we never did, this was probably just an excuse for my parents to get in some pre punishment tickles).

I would then be led to my bedroom, where my brother would often be waiting to help with the punishment.

I would be told to lie down on my bed, flat on my back. I would also be told that if I try to resist in any way (running, hiding, struggling), my punishment would be saved for tomorrow, and become an automatic level 7.

I would always do as I was told, as I had felt the dog's tongues before when I had accidentally left my feet in their path, and knew that it was the worst.

After lying down on my bed, I would be tied, spread eagle.

There is something that I forgot to mention in my earlier post.

Level 2 and up, we would be blindfolded, so we wouldn't know where the tickles were going to be or come from.

Once restrained, the tickles would start.

My worst spot was the feet, so this is where the tickles focused.

It would always start out as a slow, teasing with fingers, which would cause me to giggle and thrash about.

Then, if it was level 2 and up, tools would be introduced.

I would usually just get feathers on my feet and between my toes, but that was enough to make me scream.

My screaming would sometimes be so loud, I had to be gagged, making it worse as I couldn't beg But when I wasn't gagged, I would scream things like "HELP, NOOOO, DON'T DO THAT, NOT MY FEET, PLEASE STOP, I'M SORRY and TICKLE SOMEPLACE ELSE, I'M BEGGING YOU", but it would do no good.

After the session, if it went up to a certain level, I would have to keep the clothing I had to remove off until tomorrow, leaving me defenceless against surprise tickle attacks from my parents or brother, which would be strongly encouraged for the rest of the day.

After the session, I was always sorry, and deeply regretted what I had done.

Posted by Mommy's Naughty Boy on 2019-04-08 05:47:10

Hello everyone, I have watched many of the posts here and I just wanted to tell my experiences with my aunt when I was young.

I used to stay with my aunt for long weekends when my parents where away. She was in her late 40's and wealthy. She isn't blood related but she was a very good friend of my moms. I was a mischievous boy and would get into trouble every so often. Not big kind of trouble but the minor punishment kind. I would get into exploring her things. Book cases, drawers, closets etc....

One day I got into her bedroom when she was down getting the mail from the apartment lobby. I went exploring in her closet and went places little boys shouldn't. In her drawers I found tons of scarves, lingerie and long satin opera gloves.

When I was too focused on the things I was looking through, she had quietly come back and caught me!

"Well! What do we have here?" she asked. I didn't know what to say. I was totally embarrassed by being caught. "I, I, I was, I was just"... I stumbled over my words.

She said "You were snooping through my drawers! You little pervert! I think you need to be punished naughty boy!"

She told me to go to the guest room and take my socks and shirt off and lay on the bed. After I did so I layed on her bed not knowing what was going to happen. I waited for a few minutes wondering... She told me that she was going to give me a punishment but not a spanking. I looked at her funny....

She told me to spread my arms and legs out to the corners of the bed. I did so. She brought with her a bunch of her scarves and walked over to me. Laying a few scarves on each side of me she proceeded to tie each limb to the bedposts. Each limb she checked to be sure it was secure. My heart was racing now. I still had no idea what she had planned.

After I was thoroughly tied to her bed and she was satisfied that I can't get out she left the guest room....

A few minutes later she returned holding a pair of satin opera gloves....I looked again at her funny....She said naughty boys need to understand that they can't go snooping through women's personal items in drawers. She proceeded to slip the gloves on and cinch them up her arms as she wiggled her fingers into them.

You will now be tickled until I feel you have received a proper punishment. She leaned over me and tickled my ribs with the satin gloves. The satin feeling on my skin was soft and slippery as she slid them over my ribs.

She went up to my armpits and tickled there for a few minutes....working her was up to my neck and face. She wiggled her fingers around my neck and ears. The feeling was maddening! I was screaming as she moved about my ears. Her hand clamped over my mouth tightly. "SHHH we mustn't make noise to alert the neighbors!" She reached down and grabbed 2 scarves and balled them up and pushed them into my mouth. She took another scarf and tied them around my head keeping the first 2 in place.

The scarves didn't really stop me from screaming but it did muffle me a bit. "On with the punishment!" she said. Holding her satin covered hands up over my body and wriggling the like a spider she looked for the next spot to attack.

"Oooh feet!" She pounced on my tied feet. The sating feeling was unlike I anything I have ever felt before...Gagging me was a good thing as I was screaming again. She racked the soles of my feet with her gloved finger tips!

Slowly she inched her way up my legs. Tickling behind my legs and behind the knees where of particular value in her tickle assault....

As she was nearing the top of my legs she said "Aha! A tummy!" I screamed again and shook my head vigorously.... An unrelenting assault on my tummy left me sweating, breathless.....

She tickled me for an hour over and over she visited all the previous spots... After untying me she asked me If I was ever going to snoop again.... I said "will the punishment be the same?"

She said "Absolutely!"

I smiled

Feel free to email me turnkey522@gmail.com

Posted by strebr on 2019-04-12 23:01:37

There was a point in time where my mother tickled me for my bad behaviors. But she had somewhat unique approach, she tickled me almost only by blowing raspberries.

When I miss behaved, she would take me to her room and put me on her bed. She put on my back with my arms behind, then pin my shoulders with her hands while laying over my legs. That way I wasn't able to move and wiggle at all, and my back was slightly arched and my stomach tightened.

Then she would just put her mouth on my skin and blew over and over again. It tickled so much, but I could only trash mu head around. She usually kept this up for 10 to 15 minutes, but it seamed like eternity.

When she would notice that my body starts to tremble under her, she would then start to blow long and continuous raspberries right on my belly button. Like she was blowing up a balloon, filling it with ticking sensations.

I would go into silent laughter. My whole stomach would vibrate and unbearable tickling sensations spread throughout my whole body. That was my breaking point, and she kept doing so for another minute or two as final phase of my punishment.

I sure watched on my behavior for not to experience this very often.

Posted by Jacob2000 on 2019-10-10 02:17:15

TicklishBoy12345 I can understand you. I am also punished like this. I also have a younger brother who is very ticklish. I think that we need to be punished like that because only if we are punished with tickling we will learn a lesson. Believe me, I know that it can be very torturous but we must handle that. I dont know what to say except this. Are they use fingers for the other levels or this is only for the first level. Because on my opinion it is not too hard to handle the tickling with other tools, like brushes and feathers... Tickling with fingers on the oiled skin is the worst torture so I think that the 1. level is the worst if we dont count last level in which your dog lick a peanut butter from your body.