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Tickling as discipline for kids

tickle punishmemt experiences

Posted by TicklishBoy12345 on 2018-09-06 01:16:05

I am here to share my experiences from when I was a kid being tickled for punishment reasons and hope you guys share your experiences also.

Since I was 6 years old my parents used to tickle me and my brother for punishment.

It was always preformed in our bedroom before bedtime, tied to our beds, spread eagle and my older brother was made to help with my punishments as was I with his.

The tools they used, clothing allowed and duration of the punishment would all depend on the offence and the time was extended if we begged too much, refused to be co-operative or said bad words during the punishment session.

The punishment went by levels, as did the tools to be used on us.

Level 1 was for refusing to do chores, refusing to help with our brother's tickle punishment or getting caught up past our bedtime. The tools on this level were just fingers, nails or raspberries. There was no restriction on clothing except bare feet, our feet were always bare after 8pm as a house rule. This level was 35 minutes.

Level 2: this was for when we broke something in the house, made a mess saying bad words or being caught with footwear after 8pm or refusing to remove it in the first place. The tools used here were feathers, feather dusters, paint brushes and make up brushes. The clothing doesn't change from the previous level. This level was 45 minutes.

Level 3: this was for taking back, disobedience or disrespectful behaviour. The tools used were plastic forks and back scratchers. Our shirts came off on this level. This level was 1 hour.

Level 4: this was for when we got in trouble at school or got suspended. The tools used were toothbrushes, scrubbing brushes or pumice stones/foot files. Only underpants were allowed at this level and baby oil could be used. This level was 1 hour 30 minutes.

Level 5: for fighting, ether with each other or other kids. The tools used here are hairbrushes, forks and feather stalks. No change to clothing. This level was 1 hour 45 minutes

Level 6: this one was for when we got in trouble with the law. We had to stay in our underpants until we got dressed the next day. This level had three 2 hour sessions and the tools used were our dogs licking peanut butter from our worst spot.

These sessions ALWAYS worked to make us regret our choice to act up or do what we did.

If we swear/say bad things during our session the time goes up by 20 minutes, if we beg or struggle too much the time goes up by 30 minutes, if we escape out time is reset and 1 hour is added on.

I HATED being barefoot after 8 pm because my feet are EXTREMELY ticklish, so I often got level 3 for not removing my footwear.

My brother hated level 4 and up because his thighs and knees were so ticklish he'd scream like a girl.

Posted by fytoknkmtk on 2018-09-09 12:27:00

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Posted by fytoknkmtk on 2018-09-20 14:06:01

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Posted by somebodyelse on 2018-10-21 11:52:32

Your parents sound like expert ticklers. Did they ever use their talents on anyone else--a friend of you or your brother who misbehaved at your house? Did they ever tickle you naked?

Posted by TicklishBoy12345 on 2018-11-23 03:00:34

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