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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Boy, 10yo, Australia, extensive pelvic-focused exam

Posted by Aquila on 2021-01-29 14:30:19

Boy, 10yo, Australia, extensive pelvic-focused exam

I am male. It happened in Australia. 1970-1979, 10 years old complete surprise. I went there alone by myself. At the regular nurses or medical room at the school. Kids were randomly picked up at some place and led to the exam. About 10 boys and girls were selected from my class and taken to the medical rooms.


They washed my body before the exam. I got a traditional enema before the exam to clean out my stomach. I was totally naked through alll the procedures. I had to strip totally naked before the exam. They placed me upon a simple examination table. I was placed to lay on my back with my legs flexed up spread and mounted upon two devices. I was placed to lay on my stomach with my legs flexed down and spread.

I got a device on a finger or a toe to measure pulse and oxygen in my blood. I got a blood pressure monitor wrapped around an arm or a leg. I got a tube or sond in through my anus. I did not get any anesthesia apart from some numbing and lubricating cream injected into my anus.

First on my back with feet in stirrups while they examined my $%!@ and balls, next on my stomach bent over table with legs spread while they examined my anus.


They inspected the inside of my throat with a scope.

They inspected the inside of my urethra and bladder with a scope. They inspected my anus with a speculum.

They inspected me through my anus with a rigid scope. They inspected me through my anus with an ultrasound probe. The doctor explored my anus with a finger. no no


I just lay some time in a bed to recover. Further physical exam 1 month later lay naked on the bed - no sheet. Lots of people came through and aked questions. I attended ordinary daytime school.


Several communities around the world subject all kids they are concerned for to a thorough pelvic exam. Among those especially kids that they suspect engage in sexual activities, suspect being subjected to abuse, showing unstandard toilet habits, behave unusually, have unsuual interests, have other study progression than expected, or are just often sick.

In these cases the examination is usually combined with a lot of interrogation.

This story fits into this explanation. The kids might also have been used in a research program.

I have many accouts from Australia about these ordeals. This story is at lesat 40 years old, but according to my material these ordeals still continue in Australia, and the examinations seem to have got steadily more intrusive, extensive and frequent in this countyry.

Knut Holt