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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Boy, 13yo, extensive, intrusive exam by Montessori school

Posted by Aquila on 2020-12-18 11:18:18

Boy, 13yo, extensive, intrusive exam by Montessori school

I am male. It happened in North America. 2000-2009, 13 years old. Told going to doctors. My parents drove me to the exam, at a doctors office. All children with some kind of health problem had such an exam.


I was not allowed to eat some time before the exam. They washed my body before the exam. I was totally naked through all the procedures. The staff took my clothes of some time before the anesthesia had made its effect. I had to strip totally naked before the exam.

They placed me upon a simple examination table. I was placed to lay on my back with my legs flexed up spread and mounted upon two devices. I was placed to lay on my left side.

I got IV tube into blood vessels in a leg. I got a device on a finger or a toe to measure pulse and oxygen in my blood. I got a blood pressure monitor wrapped around an arm or a leg. I got electrodes on my cheast, stomach, hip region, legs, head.

I got a tube or wire in through my urethra. I got anesthesia gas to breath in through a mask.


They performed an EEC (electroencephalogram) - functional test of the brain with electrodes on the head. They performed an ECG functional test of the heart function with electrodes on my chest and other body areas. They performed an analysis of my breathing and oxygen uptake where I had to breath into a tube. They did some other type of test with advanced machines.

With an ultrasound device or something similar they examined my head, neck, upper body, stomach. shoulder area, hip area, arms and legs.

They took x-ray pictures of my chest, stomach, shoulder area, hip area, limbs. They used electrodes to record functions inside my head, chest, limbs.

They examined my genitals with an ultrasound device. They had electrodes at my genitals to record functions in this area.


They inspected the inside of my nose with a scope They inspected the inside of my throat with a scope. They inspected the inside of my urethra and bladder with a scope.

They inspected my anus with a speculum. They took specimens from my anus with a tube. They inspected me through my anus high up with a flexible scope. They performed a full colonoscopy with a flexible scope.

The doctor explored my vagina with a finger. (Since this is answared by a boy, he possibly pressed this choise by an error. He might however mean examination of his urethral opening with a finger, or he mentioned things that happened to the girls.) The doctor explored my anus with a finger.


I had IVs into blood vessels. I had electrodes on my head. I had electrodes on my body. I had catheter into my bladder. I had a tube going in through my anus. I just lay some time in a bed to recover. I lay naked under a blanket after the exam. no about 3 hours


I went to a Montessori school.


This is a standardized exam procedure used on kids in seleceted schools and communities all over the world. It is most often used in research projects regarding the health and development of kids. But it is also sometimes used to explore the cause of symtoms that make the authorities worried. Monessori schools are particularily involved with research projects using this protocol. These projects seems to be coordinated by some inyternational organization, most probably the World Health Organization and Unicef, but research institutes and medical companies also seem to be heavily involved.

In this case it happened with all kids that had some health problems, but I think that the research aspect was also part of the objective.