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Extended well-child and well teen physicals

Girl 14yo Western Europe extensive inner procedures by the child protective s

Posted by Aquila on 2020-08-15 00:33:42

Girl 14yo Western Europe extensive inner procedures by the child protective system

I am female. It happened in Western Europe. 1980-1989. 14 years old . I lived in the children's home. I was supposed to have my appendix removed . My Educator said it was routine and made as a precaution. At a special establishment used for these type of exams. It happend a selected percentage of the children in my school of the age group, children in foster care homes or the like.

I don't know much anymore, only that a woman from the youth welfare office picked me up for the examination.We drove the car longer and I didn't know the area but it wasn't in a city, more out of town.


I was not allowed to eat some time before the exam. I got laxatives to clean out my stomach at the place where the exam took place. They washed my body before the exam. My stomach was cleaned out by a tube incerted into my anus that was connected to some pump and flush mashine. I was totally naked through all the procedures.

They placed me upon an advanced surgical table. They placed me upon something like a dentist's chair but with devices to lift my legs onto. I was placed to lay on my back with my legs flexed up spread and mounted upon two devices.

I got a blood pressure monitor wrapped around an arm or a leg. I got electrodes on my cheast. I got electrodes on my stomach or hip region. I got a tube or wire in through my urethra. I got a tube or sond in through my anus.

I got anesthesia gas to breath in through a mask. I got some numbing and lubricating cream injected into my urinary opening. I got lubricating and numbing cream into my vagina. I got some numbing and lubricating cream injected into my anus.

The anesthesia made me sleep mostly but I woke up occationally.

I was lying on my back and my legs were extremely apart so it hurt I wanted to say it but I couldn't speak.


They performed an ECG functional test of the heart function with electrodes on my chest and other body areas.
They examined my upper body, stomach area and my hip area with an ultrasound device or something similar.

They took stomach x-ray pictures. They took x-ray pictures of my hip area.

They used electrodes to record functions inside my head. They used electrodes at my chest to record body functions. They used electrodes at my belly to record body functions.
They examined my genitals with an ultrasound device. They had electrodes at my genitals to record functions in this area.


They inspected the inside of my urethra and bladder with a scope. They took specimens from my urethra with a tube.

They used a speculum in my vagina. They took specimens from my vagina with a tube. They inspected my vagina with a scope. They inspected my anus with a speculum. They took specimens from my anus with a tube.

They inspected me through my anus with a rigid scope. They inspected me through my anus high up with a flexible scope. They performed a full colonoscopy with a flexible scope.

They inspected me through my vagina with an ultrasound probe. They inspected me through my anus with an ultrasound probe.

The doctor explored my vagina with a finger. The doctor explored my anus with a finger.

They made an opening in my belly button or just under it and inspected the inside of my belly with a scope.

They inserted something big into my vagina that hurt a lot I felt like it was being torn. It was moved back and forth and I heard different voices but couldn't understand what was said.

I cried a few times and someone stroked my head and said close to me ... pst .. take it easy, you have to be easy ....or something like that.

I remember putting something bigger in my anus that caused similar pain. I didn't know what it was for either of them.

My legs were held apart and I got a mask on my face.

I woke up to flashes and clicks. With a blink through fog, I saw many doctors or similar people with me or hands in my vagina and anus examined that also hurt. I cried and again I heard that voice telling me not to tense up.


I had catheter into my bladder. I had a tube going in through my anus. I lay with my legs in stirrups some time after the exam.


It was said that from now on I have to be treated downstairs at home. I only know that my educators checked my vagina and anus every evening and put something on me inside and out after which they took photos of it. They wrote made one Entry or similar in a booklet. That was done for several weeks.


I went to some school for kids with special needs. I was in the children's home and went to a school for children with special needs because I had and have a slight intellectual disability. I could and can read and write but was and am slow in other things and in others I need help.


This is a procedure used in selected communities, schools or institutions all over the world to surveil the health and development of kids and to use kids for medical research. The procedure has a long history and nowadays it occurs more than ever, but updated with more modern instruments. It seems to be coordinated by the WHO and certain leading universities.

They probably took tissue specimens inside her abdomen for research and medical procedures for other goods than the girl. The removal of apendix was a pretence for all the other things done, and also this removal was to harvest tissue.

This procedure is held secret to the general public but selected authorities in the various countries surely know about it.

Certain institutions like those for children with special needs seem to get money for renting out kids to these ordeals or the staff itself gets this money.

Sometimes bodily adjustments are done during the producedure whished for by the institution to make the development of kids, body functions and behavior fit the routines of the school. It definitely looks like this was done in this case, and the adjustment process continued in the institution itself.

It also looks like they used the girl as training object for medical students or doctors under specialization.

Knut Holt