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About Your Private Photos

Is it ok?

Posted by Twilight Sky on 2015-12-23 05:05:38

It's a tough question. Usually I would simply answer, well... you let the person who posted the naked picture of you take it when you were in such an exposed state, so you can live with the results.

Going a step further, I'd say that the moment they take it (with or without your permission) it's their picture, not yours. You really have no say who they show it to, and if that means the whole internet, then that's what it means. Think about it. The paparazzi take pictures of celebrities naked on nude beaches all the time. Then they sell them and/or post them on the internet for all to see. Never is the nude celeb consulted or given a heads up, and only extremely rarely do defamation style lawsuits in these matters succeed in accomplishing anything. The truth is, if you're naked in a public place you have no right to not be photographed or have your image subsequently protected from being posted.

With that said, I would've hoped that the friend or relative who posted the naked picture of you on the beach as a kid would have asked if you minded before doing so. That's why they are your friends/relatives. Also, I would hope that they would take into consideration just how unwise it is to post such a picture with all the perverts out there.

Posted by awayness on 2016-02-29 01:37:54

What do you think happens differently if a pervert sees a picture than a non-pervert?