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have you ever peed/pooped your pants

My Pee Story

Posted by WhyDoSitesLikeThisAlwaysLetYouHaveALongName on 2016-02-27 16:16:15

One day, I was over at my boyfriend's house. We sat down on his bed and pulled out his Monopoly game. He had about 6 big sheets and about 4 big, puffy, soft blankets. He turned on his clock radio. He asked if I needed to go and I said no.

But around 5 hours into the game, I started to have the urge to pee. I told him so, but he just said to hold it. An hour later, it got worse. Again, he just said to hold it. Half an hour later, I really needed to go but he told me to stay. When I said that I was about to wet myself, he said he didn't care.

I did wet myself 1 minute later. I told him and he said that it didn't matter( because I didn't live with my parents and his dad was never home. His parents were divorced). He said that I could borrow some of his clothes. I told him that I agreed, just as long as they wouldn't look out of place on me. The game ended 10 hours later and both of us with wet pants, and both on accident too. I don't think he cares about us wetting ourselves, just as long as we don't have the opportunity to, like if we're watching a long show or playing Monopoly. Also, he doesn't like it when I squirm. I wonder why. ((( {'~'} ))) does not feel good. If you've taken many of these tests, you saw how sometimes people wet themselves to make you feel better. My boyfriend and I think that's weird. The pants he gave me were just jeans with 2 too many pockets on the knees. The pockets were actually holes FYI.

This often happened. Then, I learned to bring spare clothes. He bought us a a lot of big diapers because he didn't like washing everything. I think he just got tired of doing laundry.

Tell me if you want another story. The end