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What is the average penis size?

History/Ancient Greece

Posted by Twilight Sky on 2016-01-01 02:41:45

I too have my doubts about current surveys that report roughly 5ins. as the supposed average $%!@ size. I would put the number much lower if we're talking flaccid length (if erect then 5ins. is a normal average). I base this lower estimated flaccid average on my own size (3ins.), the sizes of guys I've seen naked in locker rooms and showering, and on history - not on porn images or some inflated survey where everyone in today's culture wants to be bigger than they actually are.

In fact, I bring up history specifically because one look at examples from Ancient Greece (a society unashamed of public nudity in sports or nudity portrayed in artwork) evidences that men have much smaller $%!@es than current surveys would have us believe.

Here are some links so you know what I'm talking about: https://classconnection.s3.amazonaws.com/696/flashcards/1866696/jpg/janson_chapter_5-311352836243506.jpg





Here are some close-ups: http://fscomps.fotosearch.com/compc/CSP/CSP994/k15922293.jpg



As you can see, all of these $%!@es are small - VERY SMALL! Or at least that's what our society would have us believe. Look at them in relation to the figures' bodies; they look almost prepubescent. However, every statue shown depicts an adult male. Look closer. No $%!@ depicted hangs lower than the testicles. Most are an inch or two short. None are nearly as wide as the testicle sack either; in fact, many are as wide as they are long. Hence, the average $%!@ of an adult male in ancient Greece, we must assume, was 1-2in. long and 1in. wide.

How than are we to believe that men today have so much larger $%!@es? Well we must consider cultural impacts. In ancient Greece artwork was meant to be realistic. However, a small, thin $%!@ that we today often associate with an immature male was considered the ideal; it was a sign of nobility, cultural superiority, and intelligence. Conversely, long, thick $%!@es were considered grotesque, comic, or both and were usually found on fertility gods, half-animal critters such as satyrs, ugly old men, and barbarians. Comedies often involved a male actor that was meant to be laughed at or looked upon with disgust who would prance around on stage with his large hanging or swinging $%!@ exposed. Therefore, it is possible that ancient sculptors chose male models with what they saw as ideal $%!@es for their works of art. Perhaps not every man had a 1-2in. $%!@, but most probably did. Our modern culture chooses just the opposite - exaggerating $%!@ size in movies, tv, and surveys. I would say that most guys today still have fairly small $%!@es, but of course, those with large $%!@s measure up better to the current ideal and get the press so to speak.

Just to show that the ancient statues weren't so far off actual $%!@ sizes today: http://www.coccozella.com/nude-in-public-nudity/polar-bear-run/4-completely-naked-male-students.jpg