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Are you diaper punished?

i was diaper punished

Posted by mandytw on 2015-08-10 18:33:41

i got diaper punished until i was about 16, i.e. as long as diapers and pull ups fit me. diaper punishment would last from 1 day to as long as a week depending on the infraction. i would be forced to wear pull ups or baby diapers (not adult diapers). i was allowed to use the toilet for poop but not pee. at home, i could only wear the diaper. at school/outside i could wear clothes over it. a few times a day my parents would check to make sure it wasnt wet, and give me a changing if it was. i wasnt allowed to change it myself either my parents or my brother would do it. if i complained i got a spanking and a pacifier. the worst part was definitely having to pee in it and wait for someone to change me. it was embarrassing but effective as a punishment.

Posted by SarahJ15 on 2015-08-21 16:55:17

I got diapered punished too, it was awful! It was so terrible. I had my period and it leaked so that my dad went out and bought me diapers to wear. I had to wear them for the rest of my week for my period and for next period too. I too wasn't allowed to us the toilet except for poop and I had to ask or tell too first. I had to pee in a lot of diapers. I could change myself but had to ask first, I wasn't allowed to just go chnage the diaper. I didn't get spanked by I got checked all the time to prove I was wearing the diapers. It was the worst weeks of my life!! At school, I had pads again but once I got home, even if my pad was dry and clean, I had to go put a diaper on right away. I could wear clothes anytime and I did but still had to have a diaper on underneath. I wasn't allowed underwear though to wear over he diaper at any time. Sarah

Posted by jamie james on 2016-11-15 02:43:09

yes it is very embarrassing I know all to well. I have been diapered punished by my mom since I was around 5. When I got up this morning, I noticed that I had wet the bed. So I let my mom know what I had done, then I got ready for school. The hole day at school I knew that when I got home that mom was going to diaper me. So as soon as got home I went to my room and took out one of my diapers and laid on bed and took off my cloths and waited for my mom to diaper me. after about 5 min mom came in and put a pacifier in my mouth and powdered and diapered me. So instead of playing outside I spent the day in diaper. And mom will come in little while to change my diaper my diaper. It is very embarrassing to have lay there in my bed while my mom changes my diaper.

Posted by pacifier on 2017-03-30 13:00:32

Yes i am diaper punished by my parents.They make me wear cloth baby diapers in the 24x27 inch size and pinned on me with baby diaper pins and then i have to wear 'rubberpants'[plasticpants] with babyprints on them in adult size over the diapers.i also have to wear a baby type bonnet,tee shirt,bootie type foot covers and have a pacifier hung around my neck and drink from a baby bottle!I have to sit on the living room floor the whole time and play with stuffed animals or other toys.I am now 16,and my parents have been using diaper punishment on me since i was 13.When i was 14,i went thru 8th grade catholic confirmation and had to wear a white dress and veil and i got into trouble the week before and my parents made me wear the diapers and babyprint rubberpants and tee shirt under my white dress for the ceremony and my party!i also have to wear the diapers and rubberpants on easter under my easter dress.

Posted by Corey2005 on 2017-06-21 10:28:52

Im 13 yrs old and my mom still keepss me in diapers sometimes. I hate it. Its so embarassing and i am expected to use them too