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What are some good punishments?

My Bottom

Posted by Nearly Bare Claire on 2016-02-22 11:49:00

Hello, My Name is Claire. I am sixteen years old, and I have just discovered mister poll. I have often wanted to talk about my bottom and the attention it gets, but I have never had the courage to talk about it face to face with anyone, but with Mister poll I can talk anonymously and that's great.

When I was around forteen I was an absolute brat as a teenager. I lied, cheated, argued with my parents because I thought I always new best, wouldn't wear the clothes they bought me, was rude to people, and disobedient, to name just a few faults. My mum and dad sat me down one day and talked to me for a long time about my attitude, and I realized what I was like and I felt really guilty and sorry. Something happened in my head then, and although it sounds crazy, I wanted strict discipline and firm guidance. I also asked to be punished severely if I regressed to my earlier form, and my parents readily agreed.

I now strip bare from my waist down to my shoes every time I come indoors and I stay like that all the time. My bare bottom and exposure of my other parts keeps me aware that I am always a small step away from punishment. If I misbehave, or show the slightest regression, even in a small way, my bare bottom is immediately caned. Both my parents may cane me and I have promised to do my utmost to keep still and not cry out, but I don't always succeed as they cane very hard. I actually asked to have this sort of strict punishment, and although I know it sounds crazy, I am happier now than I have ever been before. I think now that strict guidance has made me a better person, and I want it to continue.

I also, as a regular reminder of my situation, even if I have done nothing wrong that week, get six very hard strokes of the cane on my bare bottom every Friday night before I go to bed. When I am in bed I am still tearful and my bottom still throbs like mad, but I feel content that I am being cared for, and I don't resent my treatment at all.

There are a few close friends and relatives of my family who know and approve of this arrangement, and I think they are proud of me for accepting this treatment willingly. I still strip from the waist down even if they are present, and I also strip the same way if I visit them. If they are present when I am caned, it is done in front of them, and the knowledge that they are witnessing my bare bottom being caned just serves to concentrate my mind on my behaviour even more.

I love my parents and I hope they will continue to treat me in exactly that same way for many more years as I want this and know it is right for me.

One last thing. My parents wisely realized that after getting the cane for the first time, I might immediately change my mind about accepting the new conditions, so they said that once I had agreed to the new regime,there was no question of my being allowed to duck out again. I am really pleased with myself that despite countless bottom canings, I never wanted to duck out.

I really hope someone will comment on this post because I am dying to know if people think I am A. Totally mad. B. A strong willed person who really wants to be good. (I hope this is the one that will be selected) or C. Just a submissive pervert. (I really hope this is not the choice because I promise that I really don't like being caned at all, I certainly get no pleasure from it. I endure it because it seems the right thing to do.)

Posted by erik2000erik200 on 2016-04-28 16:47:38

Hi Claire! I am 16 and also get the belt or cane. If you want to talk about it, my email address is erik2000erik200@gmail.com

Posted by Very cold on 2016-07-27 02:58:02

Hi Claire,

I am very Interested to find out more about your plight. Please email to simonshaw@gmail.com

Posted by gorangle on 2018-05-17 15:56:27

Hi Nearly bare Claire.

First off, I'm sorry it's taken me two years to see this message as I rarely visit Mr. Poll much nowadays, but I will certainly check more regularly for a reply from you. I think you are a very impressive person to willingly take a caning with no hard feelings, and literally asking for it too. So option B is definitely the right one. Of course you are now eighteen, and is the punishment regime still continuing under the same terms.

I had a strict mother who regularly used a large hairbrush on my bare bottom until I was eighteen. I sort of new I deserved it, but unlike you, I never had the courage to ask for it, it was just too painful! I didn't have regular Friday night spankings, but Friday was bath night and I always had to come downstairs after it, still bare, and submit to a detailed check all over to make sure I had cleaned myself properly. This was all done in front of the neighbour who always came in on Friday evening to play cards. If my mother found even the slightest trace of dirt, I would have my bottom smacked hard, and be sent back upstairs for another go. After this ritual was finally lover, I would have to kiss everybody goodnight, and the neighbour always managed to get a quick smack to my bottom as I turned around. I wanted to smack her back, but of course I never dared! My own bottom would have immediately received a good dose of the hairbrush.

I sort of get the idea that this was good for me, it certainly stopped me getting big headed and stuck up. My mum used to say "It's not easy to put on any airs and graces when your bottom is bare".

I used to know someone just like you. I sometimes used to do jobs for a neighbour, and a few times when I visited, their daughter, who was about thirteen at the time, would often be standing in the corner, completely bare, displaying a bright red bottom. She was quite often very tearful as the punishment had only just been done, but she was never embarrassed by her predicament, and would talk quite freely about her punishment and admit she deserved it. Just like me, she was spanked with a wooden hairbrush. Most people in her predicament would have been sorely embarrassed by my witnessing the state of her bottom, but she was always contrite about it. I really admired her for her courage. Once I visited this house when she was about to be punished. After somebody peeping out of the curtains to make sure it was only me, she came to the door to let me in and she was already bare. She told me she was about to get the hairbrush, and I would be allowed to watch. She showed no resentment at this and even said "I suppose it will make me remember this better as you will watch the whole thing. And, sure enough, I watched her getting bent over the sofa, and her bare bottom receive about 20 really hard strokes. by the end of it she was really crying and wriggling, but when it was over, she calmly, although still snivelling, went into the corner and stood there quite still , and was still there when I left.

A few days later, I happened to meet her in the street, and she brought the subject up without my asking, and told me what she had done and how much the hairbrush hurt even saying that she new she deserved it, and was glad it was done in front of me, as she would remember the lesson it taught her better. I found her quite amazing,and I am sure you are just as amazing.

You will always have my admiration even though I will never know who you are.

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