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Asking Parents for a Spanking

Wish I Had Asked

Posted by adamkessler2 on 2015-07-24 20:48:22

To summarize my story briefly: there was a time when I was 13 when I misbehaved, very much deserved to be punished, thought I would get a spanking, didn't, and for the longest time thought about asking for one. But never did.

Looking back, I think sometimes we expect to much of our parents when we nitpick everything the did raising us. They're just humans too. Really, I don't think it's that I wish I'd asked for a spanking, it's that deep-down I wish my mom had just known I needed a spanking.

When the incident happened -- in the mall when I was behaving awfully and giving my mom such a bad attitude -- I remember distinctly the ride home in the car. I was so certain that I was mere minutes away from getting a spanked. I wasn't by any means looking forward to it, I was after all just a 13 year old kid. I felt dread, embarrassment, nervousness -- as to be expected. But I didn't want to get out of it, didn't feel it was unfair, didn't feel any anger. I was accepting of the idea that I earned it.

During that car ride, I was vividly thinking about the impending punishment. Lacking any previous experience with spankings, it was just a composite of stories I'd heard, cartoon images, and such. I just kind of assumed there was just the one way boys got spanked by their mothers, and that was over their mothers' knee with their pants and underwear down. I had also though about the wooden stirring spoon in the kitchen; it was flat and large, basically shaped like a small paddle. It seemed like a natural implement, but I was unsure if she'd use that or just her hand.

Later, when the spanking didn't happen, that vivid image during the drive home was a factor in considering asking for a spanking. At the time, it seemed as though if I were going to do something like write a note requesting a spanking, I may as well describe exactly what I thought I should get.

I was far too embarrassed to just ask face to face and never would have gone through with it. The note was the only thing I really gave serious consideration to. My mom always took a nap in the mid-afternoon that summer, and I figured I could write it and then slip it under her bedroom door to find when she wakes up. I'd much rather she read it privately than in front of me.

If I had it all to do over again, I wish I had written that note. But moreover, I wish also the note is received well. It does no good to go through all that and still not be spanked, or to have her go too easy on me because I asked. If there were a weird time machine where I could go back and occupy my then-self for an hour, I'd write my mom and hope for the best.

Dear Mom,

I'm really sorry about how I acted in the mall today.

This is really hard to write, but I think I deserve to be punished more. Remember in the mall you said if I kept it up you'd give me a spanking when we got home? I think I should get that spanking instead of just being sent to my room (where I am now).

I'm really embarrassed and scared to say this... When you said you'd spank me, you said it'd be pants and underwear down and across your knee. I think I deserve it that way. Will you please give me a spanking?

I will just sit in my room and wait for you to read this.

Posted by R.J. on 2015-07-26 21:35:09


Admire your thoughts. Probably at the time it would've done you good. At 13, boys & girls are going through that adolescent change in life and sometimes allow that 'rebel devil' insight to overtake their mouth & actions, prompting discipline.

Was mom inclined to give idle threats of spankings or were you usually subject to spankings prior to age 13 and were they given bare bottom by her? By 13, if you truly needed a spanking, obviously you think you did, it would've have been better, I think, had your dad or male authority figure in your life been the one to spank you bare.


Posted by Spankedteenager13 on 2015-11-17 13:07:00

I'm 13 and get spanked a lot :( it's so unfair it stings tea bad when my mum spanks me :(

I want to ask my mum to stop spanking me

I got spanked last Saturday at home over my shorts in front of my friend :( it was just a few hand spanks but they hurt :( I didn't even do anything wrong it sucked :(

I guess I said something bad my mouth des get me in trouble a lot

Posted by R.J. on 2015-11-25 01:11:38

Hi There Teen,

If you want the spankings to stop, then begin to behave better. One problem that you admit to is mouthing off. That is not uncommon with many teens but punishment by a parent is certainly justified.

I'm not big on spanking publicly or in front of friends but getting a few hand smacks over pants in front of a friend isn't much of an embarrassment spanking. Your friend may well have been spanked too for a 'bad' mouth. Did your friend react after your spanking to having witness it happen?

Regard yourself as lucky, it wasn't bare bottom and with something more than a hand. At 13, the paddle & belt were already acquainted with my bare butt and it was my dad, not mom, giving a tanning to my hide.

Posted by SpankedTeenager13 (2) on 2016-09-28 13:21:17

Hi RJ,

I'm back on mister poll but can't get into my old SpankedTeenager13 account.

I'm 14 now and still getting spanked over my shorts and legs. When my friend saw me SpankedTeenager13 that time he felt sorry for me.

My last soanked was at the weekend at home for guess what mouthing off I get it on my legs it stung like heck :(

I have started behaving better but Still get spanked a bit

Hopefully my next one is a while away