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Preventative punishment

My maintenance spanking

Posted by Susan king on 2015-06-02 06:37:27

I'm now over 40 and I got maintenance spanking grown up from my mother , from age 10 till i left the house , bare bottom , hairbrush and belt mostly .

Posted by quest11 on 2015-06-02 11:32:25

With cornertime too?

Posted by Dazo on 2015-06-02 13:16:43

Preventative spanking discipline is one thing but the questions in this poll are nothing to do with preventative spanking. This is Sub-dom S&M.

You do not even specify what you are claiming to prevent by using these methods.

Kneeling on corn or pees serves no purpose whatsoever. The minimum number of cane strokes in the poll is 20. That should be the MAXIMUM Punishment caning unless the purpose of the 'preventative punishment' as you call it is a BDSM fetish.

100+ strokes are in the realms of fantasy or S&M role play.

(With 1 lone exception) There is absolutely NOTHING preventative about the scenarios in this poll. All the question scenarios are just Sub-dom activities used in S&M, not deterrents to bad behavior which is what is what is implied by the title.

If this is a fetish then that's fair enough.

The only question of relevance to the premise of the poll is the question concerning caning of all students bottoms before every lesson at school.

And preventative spankings should not be called punishment.

If every single student has felt the painful strike of a cane on their bottom they will be deterred from misbehaving because they will not want to experience a true punishment caning.

But even this should only be 1 or 2 strokes (3 max) The cane hurts.

Even this scenario is fictional because this would mean every child will be given 20 separate caning every week not counting those they receive from their parents.

According to the poll the absolute MINIMUM number a cane stroke a person should take is 400 every week.

In reality I am not in favour of the cane being reintroduced to schools.

This is clearly just a fantasy fetish poll (which is perfectly fine) but it needs to be worded correctly.

If it is preventative, then it is 'Deterrence'. The correct term should be 'discipline' but this poll has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with discipline.

When asked what implement should be used for a caning?..........

........If it is not a cane then it is not a caning, so the answer has to be 'a cane' which is the most severe spanking implement of them all.

Corner time, kneeling on pees, holding books at arms length etc when the person has not done anything wrong is Domination, not punishment UNLESS it is part of an S&M Punishment. If it is S&M then the term is correct and it can be called an S&M punishment, but S&M is NOT PREVENTATIVE!

Susan King said it correctly. She is given maintenance Spankings.

Posted by J B Whittlespoon on 2015-06-02 16:26:08

Susan King,

So do you do that as well and how did it work on your behavior knowing that you had done nothing wrong and getting spanked any way? And if you did do something wrong did that mean another or were you covered.


Posted by quest11 on 2015-06-02 18:49:14

seems like I am bad at estimating the level of the punishment...