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Tickled as a child or pre-teen by your friends

My new tickling friends

Posted by Jacob_14 on 2020-08-06 09:51:58

We were in school and we were doing gymnastics, our pe uniform for gymnastics is a white polo, blue shorts and barefeet, we got split into groups of three i was with these boys that i had never really spoken to before but they were good friends anyway, we went off and did our work but throughout the whole of the lesson i noticed the two boys kept looking at my feet, i didn't mind in fact i would deliberately show my feet a bit, just stuff like sit with my legs out and my feet infront of me, right next to them or lie on my stomach but with my feet in the air, anyway, me and the two boys got on very well then the end of the lesson came, since it was the last lesson of the day and it was summer the teacher let us go home in our pe kits, we put on our shoes and socks of course and went to go and get our bags, as we went back into the changing room i was still talking to one of the boys, he mentioned the fact that his friend was staying the night and that he had a free house all weekend, then he offered if i'd like to come over, i excitedly agreed, me and my two new friends (josh and benji) walked back to josh's house, we got there and my goodness was it a big house it had a long driveway and a big entrance hall, we took our shoes off at the door leaving us all just in ankle socks, josh got us a drink then we went into the lounge, the sofa was massive so we all fitted on okay, josh set up the xbox and we started playing fifa, i, being quite good at the game, started to win quite a bit, one of the games we were joking around about the fact i was winning so much, i was against josh, he was about to score but i was also about to defend we were all laughing, and josh told benji to distract me thats when benji tickled my sides and i jumped up and dropped my controller, josh scored and they were both laughing, i laughed and said "don't do that im so ticklish" the minute i said it i realised what i had got myself in for, josh and benji both came closer, josh sat on my hips area and started to tickle my belly and my sides and i could feel benji tickling my feet, josh had pulled up my top to get to my belly and i felt benji taking off my socks, josh did say that i could say stop if i wanted to but i didn't mind, i was enjoying it, josh pulled off my top entirely so i was just being tickled in my blue pe shorts, it was mostly my feet that were the most ticklish really as benji was obviously experienced in feet tickling as he got everywhere, my sole, in between my toes, under my toes and everywhere else, they stopped after a while, i told them i enjoyed it, and josh asked if i did want to stay the night as his parents wouldn't be back till late on tomorrow..... to be continued

Posted by Daintree on 2021-01-17 11:10:17

The last time I was with my cousin, his parents weren't home. We were playing on his playstation when his best friend came over and joined us. Since it was a nice day, we all wear light clothing. My cousin (Tim) wore his shorts, a t-shirt and white quarter socks. His friend (Sam) wore shorts and a tank top. I was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and gray crew socks. At first we just played for fun, but after a while we decided the lose has to do some tasks as penalty. It starts with thing like push ups and taking of your shirt, but soon we left the playstation behind an went up to an pure exchange of dares. It takes not long and I was tied to my cousins bed, just in underwear with both boys sitting on top of me. Sam sat on my legs and took of my socks, while my cousin sat on my belly and pushed his pe socks in my mouth. Then they started the tickling. Sam cares my feet, my soles and between my toes, an Tim was on my upper body, my sides, rips and pits. After he found my week spot, my armpits, their treatment was hellish, but I wasn't against it. In a few short breaks, they asked me, if i'm fine or want to stop. I was enjoying this torture, even if it worn out my body, so I asked them to continue. I felt their fingers all over my body searching for every ticklish spot, to let me scream and sweat. Since we all enjoyed it so we continued until the sun goes down.