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Tickled as a child or pre-teen by your friends

My story

Posted by Ben-357 on 2019-04-23 19:24:29

At a sleepover one time me and my friends decided to play trivial pursuit but with a twist the person that lost had to be tied down and tickled! We played and i lost they tied me in an x position to the bed with shoe laces then one of my friends ( abbi) asked me where my most ticklish spot was i said im not telling her so she tried every spot, first my armpits then my belly then my hips then my thighs then my feet witch are my most ticklish spot then she instructed all the girls to start tickling me but mainly focusing on my feet after about 10 mins they pulled my socks off and stuffed my own socks into my mouth and taped it shut as i was laughing too mutch (luckily i was wearing a oversized top and jogging bottoms witch hid most of my bare skin but they quickly noticed that the abbi told the girls to pull up my top to thry could tickle me easier then they pulled down my joggers! I was jsut in my underwear they stopped for a bit and took the socks out of my mouth i asked how long this was going to go on for and they said "as long as we like they carried on for hours! After what i think was two hours i was screaming i was going to pee myself and i did they said you cant wear them now and took off my panties! And about an hour after that i lost my bra aswell after a total of four hours they stoped but told me i couldn't have my clothes back and a had to stay nude for the whole night