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Tickled as a child or pre-teen by your friends


Posted by Panji2 on 2015-07-08 21:41:14


Posted by Thatpersonwiththepolls17 on 2015-07-10 05:16:17

Love your polls panji2

Posted by thatdude02 on 2015-07-13 12:52:13

So I hear that you wanted true tickle stories. Wanna hear one that happened to me when I was 12?

Posted by Thatpersonwiththepolls17 on 2015-07-15 19:17:17

Sorry about the late reply I would like to here your tickle story thatdude02

Posted by thatdude02 on 2015-08-28 03:06:11

So, when I was 12, my older brother, my younger brother, and I went on a camping trip. He was 16, and it was just gonna be me and him for the weekend. As we finished setting up camp, my brother called me inside my tent. "Yes?" I asked. All of a sudden, he tackled me. I squirmed and screamed. In an instant, I was hogtied, gagged, and had my shirt, shoes, socks, and pants all thrown off me, leaving me in only my briefs. My brother smiled at his handiwork. He then attacked my feet, with no mercy. I howled into my gag, squirmed, tried to get it to stop. But I couldn't. Suddenly, we heard someone start unzipping the tent. It was my little brother, only 9 at the time. It took my brother 3 seconds to pin him on the floor. 10 more to get everything but his briefs off him. 20 more to gag him and tie him up. Me and my brother were use to this, though. My older brother smiled at his 2 younger, ticklish captives. Out of the blue, he attacked both our feet at the same time. We both squirmed and laughed hysterically into our gags. He left no place untickled, tickling our ribs, legs, feet, necks, even our backs. About after an our, he stopped. Me and my younger brother were both panting, sweat streaming down our faces. Finally, my brother took our gags off. He started giving us wedgies and said "I'll stop tickling you, as long as you both do 1 thing" he said. He and my brother grimaced in pain at the wedgies. "What?" I asked. "That you have to stay in your underwear the rest of the rip. Grudgingly, me and my brother nodded. Untying us, we were finally free. Let's just say the rest of the campout was quite . . . chilly.