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Birthday Licks

Birthday Spanking Tradition

Posted by R.J. on 2015-06-01 20:26:14

Was long ago on my 21st. Wasn't expecting it when college roommate & a few friends suggested we have a guy's night out for laughs and drinks for my birthday, but the evening ultimately ended with a traditional age+1 birthday butt paddling.

Hadn't had my butt spanked then since 16 and my dad belt walloped my bare butt for mouthing off, attitude and an overheard f-bomb. They went the whole route of me dropping jeans and shorts and the bending over for a tingling sore butt. We all had a good fellowship laugh over it and believe me I was waiting to be on the delivery end of that same paddle for my roommate's and one other guy's b-day a few months later.

Posted by Lord Explorer on 2016-10-13 20:29:06

I've never received one. I'm British and it's not really a tradition in the UK, though it is sometimes done by stripograms/kissograms in pubs. I wouldn't mind being given a birthday spanking by an attractive female friend at a house party, but I don't know if I'd accept one from a stripogram/kissogram in a pub as a spectacle in front of strangers, no matter how hot she was and no matter how much money my friends had paid her to do it.

Posted by xoboyxo on 2016-12-14 16:54:37

Birthday spankings were a tradition in my family growing up. I always knew that after the cake and ice cream and presents, I would be getting a spanking. It was not playful pats, either. It was hard swats, one for each year plus a harder one to grow on, on my bare butt. It stung and I usually cried. My parents said it take care of anything I'd done wrong in the past year but hadn't been punished for, so I could start my new age with a clean record.

Posted by the captain on 2017-05-06 03:56:05

my birthday again this month ...anyone near London who wants to give me birthday licks for real let me know


Posted by gorangle on 2018-06-14 15:21:29

My bottom got a lot of attention on my birthday when I was a kid. I spent most of the day completely bare: It was known as "Birthday suit for my birthday". I wouldn't exactly call it a spanking, but I had to go to each person in turn when I had a family and friends birthday gathering, go over their knee and receive one fairly hard smack on my bare bottom from each person. The smacks weren't as hard as a genuine punishment would have been, that would have involved the hairbrush and hard multiple spanks, not just one from each person, but they were hard enough for my bottom to glow red by the time it was over.

I had to do this until my mid teen years, and my red bottom remained on display for the rest of the day. The person who always smacked hardest was my cousin who was about the same age as me. I was always cross that she didn't get the same treatment as me - I really wanted to smack her bare bottom, but never got the chance.

Mum said this was all good for character building and rituals like this prevented me from getting "big headed" and "forgetting my place" that sort of thing. I didn't mind being bare in front of everybody - I was used to that, but getting my bottom smacked when I hadn't actually done anything wrong was a bit tough.