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9th grade prom

USA TODAY: Vice Principal Suspended for Lifting Up Girls Skirts as Boys Watched

Posted by Blushing Billy on 2003-09-14 04:12:08

California School Official Lifts Up Dozens of High School Girls' Skirts, Pulls Down Their Tops, Exposing Them -- as Boys, Other Males Look on, Gawk in Amazement

This is NOT a joke, but a TRUE story, reported on CNN, NBC News, USA Today - even the international press.

I wonder what's under your skirt?"They just lifted the skirt over my head," said a totally humiliated Stephanie Olson, an 11th grader at Rancho Bernardo High School.

"Everyone saw everything," said Kim Teal. "It was a big peep show."

"I was just completely humiliated, you know, completely embarrassed, angered, you know, nothing like this should happen to anyone," Ashley Wydra told NBC News. Wydra's skirt, to her sudden embarrassment, was lifted up with her skimpy underwear exposed and put on display for all to see.

Stephanie Stewart was wearing a thong and was sent home, but not before male students and others saw exactly what was under her skirt.

"We were in front of the entire class, school officials were around, and even two on-campus cops," the blushing, embarrassed girl told ABC News' Good Morning America.

Those poor embarrassed (and some, literally, ''BARE ASSED'') girls! How utterly humiliating for them to be put on display like that!

Some girls had to strip even further to prove whether or not they were wearing a bra! Apparently, some were not!

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