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Posted by Always4Fun13 on 2015-11-06 18:30:52

I have enjoyed being clothing free whenever possible ever since I can remember. I grew up the oldest of 6, two more brothers after me then three sisters. We were not exactly a nudist family but casual nudity around the house all year round and in the back yard during summer was common on almost a daily basis. We all went nude at the beach from newborn up to about 6 or 7 or until others around us became uncomfortable. We all grew up seeing each other nude and our parents always answered our question honestly in age appropriate language. I did the same with my two boys whenever my wife was not around as she did not approve. Now that I am divorced I am back to being nude whenever possible. I consider myself a Naturist and spend what time I can nude down at a 6 acre piece of property I have walking the woods and laying in the sun. I have an open invitation to ALL Females, Males, Couples and Families to join me for clothing free outdoor fun and relaxation.

Posted by Luke12 on 2016-05-16 03:32:25


I agree with Skinny-dipper's statement that nudism is a term that really means social nudism. I would add that it really means "legal social nudism". As a boy, many things that I had done nude at home were practical, for example washing the car or bathing the dog if I didn't want to get a change of clothes soaking wet.

Today, even in your own family home or property, a nosy neighbor can file a police complaint if you are working or playing nude. Nudism refers to like-minded people, socializing naked together without breaking any local laws or ordinances.

When you leave home or go away to college, you may find that doing normal activities that you would do nude at home could get you arrested, expelled from school, or even have you register locally as a sex offender.

Some people become nudists just to keep some of the freedoms that they had growing up.


Luke 12

Posted by nude1 on 2017-09-24 15:27:45

My parents always brought me up to respect the naked body. I always loved the freedom of not having any clothes on. I'm always naked at home.