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Posted by nakedrhode on 2015-05-24 15:31:17

I have been a practicing nudist as long as I remember and raised a nudist family and if I had it to do over it would still be my life choice . If you have questions feel free to ask I will answer if I can . nakedrhode@gmail.com

Posted by Alpha11 on 2015-05-25 18:04:54

From what i read i dont think im a real nudist or naturist or whatever theyre called.

I am naked a lot of teh time and in summer sometimes thats outside and inside sometimes its in front of people who arent family. But i never take off my clothes JUST to go naked, theres always a reason like getting in bed or going swimming or taking a shower or because its too hot. I just dont put my clothes back on after im done whith whatever thign i was doing that i needed to take them off until theres a reason.

I used to be really shy about being naked in front of girls except for my mom but i kind of changed about that in the last few months. it still feels kind of weird but its not so bad anymore

Posted by whiteboysmoothy on 2015-06-13 14:22:12

I dont really get naked just to get naked. I have changed in front of parents. I have been naked in front of friends changing and when bathing.

Posted by shaun h on 2015-07-31 20:28:37

Me and a lot of the guys at college are comfortable being naked around each other. The lads in my dorm spend most of the time naked, and we do most things in this state. They all know I'm bi, but we're all comfortable being naked around each other.

Posted by Charlton on 2015-10-13 08:07:39

I would love to get naked with my pals on a beach. We are all 14 and i am sure that we would get a few $%!@s twitching. Lol. Charlton.