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Genital Spanking

Just started genital spanking

Posted by GinaSmoker on 2021-12-15 08:00:08

Thanks to this poll and a couple people encouraging it I have also started spanking my kid’s genitals too. Very effective. Not sure if I’m doing it to hard or not though. Ginasmokeseverything@gmail.com

Posted by dirtgirl on 2022-01-08 13:43:17

Gina - your e-mail is down.

There's two ways I know to do $%!@-spanking. One is to have another adult help to hold them down and spread their legs - while you can concentrate on the $%!@-lips - hit them with something like a wooden spoon, a hard ruler, or a semi-flexible rubber kitchen spatula/scraper. The other - which is not very reliable - with the younger girls sometimes you can reach the area when they're in a leglocked over-the-knee position.

I've only rarely used $%!@-spanking myself - the tradition I grew up with is ordinary bare butt spanking, OTK, with a paddle or hairbrush, followed by inserting a glycerin suppository or soapstick. Partly because of the link between inadequate bowel function, colorectal autointoxication, and aberrant behavior. And partly because any forcible $%!@ penetration hurts - it's a finger-rape which conveniently also makes the kid do a good healthy s.h,i:t.