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Genital Spanking

new to forum - any tips for punishments for girls?

Posted by bossybaby on 2021-04-02 11:29:12

Hi so i just made my account and have read stuff about using a rubber band or spanking the vulva , $%!@ etc. Im still confused about what this rubber band technique is, also spanking the different parts, do you just mention them and spank in the 'general' area which is the vagina or do you specificially aim for the vulva , $%!@ etc.? This is still all new to me you can email me if you want to speak about it and explain or tell me how you punish your girls so I get a idea . thanks! bossbaby203@protonmail.com

Posted by dirtgirl on 2021-05-10 06:39:57

A general reply

The age of the girl being disciplined, and whether the punisher has an assistant, obvious impact upon the practicality and effectiveness of $%!@spanking. At different times I have aimed (my wooden spoon, spatula, ruler, whatever) for the bean, or just the labial area. We haven't really used it on our family since the girls were 6 or 7 years old and I personally wouldn't use it postpubescence.

For other kinds of spanking, a lot of household objects have been used over the years, and there's a paddle lying around which hardly ever gets used.

But(t)....as you may know from Misterpoll, in our family we're all about bowel-movement monitoring and the use of $%!@-penetrative purgative-punishments, starting with the enema/suppository and becoming more "risky" with time. Since my daughter was about six year old, after every (usually hairbrush) spanking something has gone up her rectum which has the effects of making her cry and making her do.

PS: Your e-mail address in the message above doesn't work!

Posted by Emily707 on 2021-05-11 01:14:48

I agree that a rubber band will not do much for punishment. Our family uses enemas and suppositories regularly for punishment. Would like to talk more, dirtgirl, about $%!@ discipline. My email is emilyporter777@gmail.com

Posted by Strictdiscipline on 2021-05-13 21:08:21

Please take my spanking poll.


Feel free to contact me as well.

Posted by Strictdiscipline on 2021-05-13 21:08:58

Please take my spanking poll.


Feel free to contact me as well.