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Genital Spanking

Help with daughter

Posted by Yes2222 on 2021-03-02 12:34:53

I have 13 yo daughter and her behavior is unbelievable bad. I have read this topic and inspire to try this kind of punishment. Can u give me some advice how to start? (Moreover , I think about her circumcision . And I want advice about it to)

Posted by Nadine Liran on 2021-03-02 22:25:02

Are you the father or the mother?

In either case, you should start by making sure your daughter understands that you are no longer just making threats but are changing the regime. You strip her naked and spank her butt, do not stop before she cries badly. Silently count how many spanks it took you to get to that point.

Once you are done and she is bawling her eyes out, you tell her that this is just for being bratty in general. The next thing will be for actual misbehavior. You should then name 1 thing she did wrong - best if it was only a minor thing. Something small, but noted misbehavior. Afterwards you spank her vulva, and do it as hard as you can. Do it the same amount of times you spanked her butt.

There is no reason to hurry things up though. Feel free to keep your hand between her legs after each spank. Rubbing and pinching is absolutely within reason as well. If you feel it needed, you can even push your thumb on or even in her butthole.

If she complains at all, add 10 more to the number of spanks per complaint.

Once you are done, tell her that since she didnt know you were going to be stricter, you would forgive her previous mistakes now, but she should remember what she is feeling now. Her punishment just now was for a minor thing, so if she misbehaves again it will be much much worse.

Naturally you will have to stick to these words. Either she will still misbehave and you get to punish her even more brutally in the future (spanking with implements, tattooing insults on her, humiliating her in front of friends, etc.) or she starts behaving perfectly, which means you dont need to punish her anymore (though if you feel it would be a good idea anyway, there are plenty of methods on how to give a reason even when there are non to punish her)

Posted by Yes2222 on 2021-03-03 14:01:15

Tanks for your advice) I am father Me and my wife don’t agree with type of spanking . She thinks, that vulva is too much and better to spank her back and button. Do u think, that humiliation is good to discipline ? Can u show some example, what to do? Also, we are thinking about circumcision for daughter. What u think about it ?

Posted by Nadine Liran on 2021-03-04 23:19:31

I think you are in the wrong message board. This poll is specifically about genital spanking - meaning spanking on the vulva. If you are against that as a core principle, you are asking at the wrong spot.

Posted by sw347 on 2021-03-05 04:51:28

Hi. I was reading over your problem and would love to offer some advice. I have a daughter myself and I can see that you definitely need to be strict and harsh. To answer one of your questions, humiliation is a great punishment to use, and can be more effective than just spanking.

In your case, I think for a week to two weeks, put her on a spanking schedule. Once in the morning and once at night before bed. These two spankings are mandatory and must happen even if she has been good all day. Use anything you like on her bottom. Paddles, belts, switches etc if she complains, insert some ginger root into her butt hole for half an hour. If she complains again, insert ginger root into her vagina for 20 minutes.

During this time of discipline, she has to understand who’s boss and you should at random times, preferably when there is someone else of the opposite sex around to see, tell her to pull her pants and panties down, or even get completely naked if you think that would be better for her? I leave that up to you. If you go with the option of making her pull her pants down, what I do with my daughter is make her walk around the room in front of her guests with her pants and panties down to her ankles. This is effective because she has to give us 5 full laps around the room so her guests have several opportunities to look her private parts over and from multiple angles. But because her pants are around her ankles she is forced to walk nice and slow, so there’s no way she can speed up the process. She has to be sure to keep her shirt lifted up over her waist so her privates will be fully visible. During this time, her guests are encouraged to make comments about what part of her they are looking at and what part they like seeing best. They are also encouraged to pull their phones out and take pictures and videos.

After she has finished her 5 laps, she goes up to each person individually and politely thanks them for helping her to learn her lesson and for looking at her private parts. She then is required to ask each person “Would you like to punish my private parts sir/ma’am?” To which that person will tell her to place her hands on her head and spread her legs and spank her on her vagina 20 times. I ask everyone to always try to get at least two or three hard ones right on her clitoris.

After this, she spreads herself open nice and wide while the spanker examines their work. If they are not satisfied she has learned her lesson, she gets spanked another 20 times. After this she gets turned around and spanked on her butt and then she has to get fingered until orgasm is reached. Her spanker is encouraged to be rough with her fingering so it hurts. This is punishment afterall.

My daughter is so well behaved now and never refuses to show her privates to anyone now because she doesn’t want to face the consequences.

She used to refuse to pull her pants down on command and show her privates to people so I had her younger brother stuff stinging nettles into her panties and made her wear them, to which she was then begging to pull her pants down in front of everyone.

Try some of these methods with your daughter. I promise you that you will see a difference in her attitude and behavior. Keep her vagina sore and exposed and she will be a better kid for it.