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Genital Spanking

When to start

Posted by HeightsMom on 2018-07-01 21:52:43

Since MommyEve has an eight-month-old daughter, what are the group's thoughts on when & how to begin training?

Eve: She is too young to understand orders, but have you started smacking her butt or genitals or both to imprint Mommy's power on her?

Dirtgirl: Is it time to start probing (finger w/irritant?) or inserting suppositories?

Any other suggested training?

Posted by HeightsMom on 2018-07-02 00:28:37

To clarify: I very strongly believe that girls must be strictly disciplined. I believe in spanking -- I prefer a razor strop. I do not practice genital spanking or $%!@ punishments,however, I am always curious (and open minded) about the methods other parents use. If I recall correctly, MommyEva and Dirtgirl are both raising their daughters to be ABSOLUTELY obedient and ABSOLUTELY submissive. (Please correct me if I am wrong on this.) Are any others here doing likewise? If so, what method(s)?

Posted by MommyEva on 2018-07-02 12:56:34

Good question HeightsMom, when to start.

True, she is not old enough to follow orders and instructions. But she is not safe from smacks on both butt and vulva. Pinching is also a good way to show who is boss and who is not. This pain and punishment will hopefully become the norm. As she gets older she will find ways to avoid some of it by behaving they way I want her too.

Punishment is not just a way to discipline but also stress relief for me. It simply feels good to have that power.

I'm no stranger to probing with irritants either...

Posted by amelie free on 2018-07-04 19:45:42

Hello I am a very young single mother with a little girl of one year.

I would like to use spanking for my daughter's education.

In my upbringing, my father very often spanked me and stuck with a very positive result on my behavior, a teenage spanking became a pleasure to share with my father. Spanking to accompany all my childhood and she is still very present in my life as a woman! I want my daughter to bloom too thanks to the spanking!

And I agree with the statement of Mother Eva who writes:  "Punishment is not just a way to discipline but also stress relief for me. It simply feels good to have that power. "

I'm like Mom Eva sometimes I slap on her buttocks, her thighs her $%!@ and her foot, it's not violent shot no no no! just a little bit for my pleasure.

I support Mom Eva and puzzlehead314, it's nice to have the power to punish (-:

I need to be advised by mom who has a good experience of spanking!

I would like to know at what ages it is acceptable to give real painful punishment to a child?

Do you have ideas to introduce a 13-month-old girl to mild punishment?

I want to give a very painful punishment to my 13 month old daughter, just one faith, on an experimental basis, is this shocking for you?

I will proceed to the act I receive favorable opinions (-:


Posted by stephaniespankin on 2018-07-06 07:30:59

I was wondering if any of you are, or would be interested in punishing your daughters with excessive orgasms? Or maybe once they hit puberty, punishing their cli*ts? And how young did you start punishing their genitals and how did you do it? I’m interested for my future kids. Thanks :)