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Genital Spanking


Posted by on 2015-07-03 20:51:36

I am a 13 year-old boy with a single mom and a 12 year-old sister. We live in a small apartment in a low-income housing project. I have been in trouble several times since we moved into this project and once with the police. My mom has tried everything to make me stay out of trouble but I hang around with boys my age and they seem to lead me into it. My mom went to counseling on how to handle young boys who get into trouble and one of the moms there told her that she punished her son by making him go naked at home all the time in front of neighbors, his sister and her lady friends. She also punishes him by controlling and disciplining his genitals and toilet needs. Some of my friends and I got into some trouble the other day and when my mom found out about it she called me into the kitchen in front of two of her lady friends who were visiting. One of their daughters was here also, Kim, and she is 12. I walked into the kitchen, naked as usual, and my mom told me that I was going to get punished. First she made me pee into a jar with everyone watching, which was embarrassing. Then she made me lay on the kitchen table on my back and made me spread my legs wide open with my feet up on the table. Since my feet were up on the table and my knees up, my $%!@ and balls were on display and everyone could look into my hole, which was embarrassing. Mom told Kim to start slapping my $%!@ and testicles and my bare $%!@. Kim seemed to enjoy punishing me and having her do it was very humiliating since I see her every day in school and she is younger than me. After Kim slapped my $%!@ awhile it got hard and was sticking straight up. Mom told Kim to $%!@e me and make me $%!@. Kim kept stroking my $%!@ up and down with her hand until I finally ejaculated onto my stomach and everyone saw my white cream squirting out. If that wasn't bad enough, mom told Kim to give me an enema. I pleaded, "no, mom, I'll be good - I don't want an enema!" Mom told me to be quiet and that I was being punished and to do as she says. Mom got the enema bottle and tube and filled it with warm water and then she told Kim to put the tube up my hole and hold the bottle up in the air until all the liquid went inside me. Mom told me to hold it in as long as I could, which I did, and then I told mom that I was ready to let it out. Mom had Kim put a plastic basin under my $%!@ and then everyone watched while the water and a couple of brown turds came out of my hole into the basin. When it was all out mom told Kim to wipe my $%!@ with toilet tissue, which Kim did. When that was done mom had me get up onto the baby changing table which we keep in the kitchen because mom babysits children. I got up on the table and mom gave Kim a baby bottle with warm milk in it and Kim fed me the bottle. I was lying naked on the changing table on my back with my feet up on the table and my knees in the air. Mom got her cell-phone camera and started taking pictures of me lying there naked with Kim feeding me the bottle. I asked mom who was going to see the pictures and she said "everyone!" I said, "mom, I don't want people to see me naked! They will see my $%!@ and balls and my bare $%!@!" I pleaded with mom but she wouldn't listen. Mom had Kim put a diaper on me and a pacifier in my mouth. Then she made Kim put me in a baby crib that was in the kitchen. It was small so I had to pull my legs up to fit in. Mom made me stay in the crib for an hour or so and then I had to take a $%!@. Mom told me to do it in the diaper, which I did. Mom's female friends and Kim were talking in the kitchen and watching TV for another hour. Then Kim told mom that she wanted to change my diaper. Kim is only 12 and she got turned on seeing me naked and now she wanted to control me. Mom told Kim that from now on she was in complete charge of my toilet needs and sexual urges. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Kim got me out of the crib and up onto the changing table and told me to "be a good little boy." I was embarrassed and humiliated. I laid on my back on the changing table and Kim unfastened my diaper. Mom took a picture of my diaper with my turds and pee in it. Kim wiped my crotch and my $%!@ with baby wipes. She was really enjoying having control over me. Kim asked my mom how many times a day did I $%!@e and mom told her three or four times a day. Mom told her that a boy my age needs to have a "release" several times a day because sperm builds up inside his testicles. Kim decided that I needed another release so as I laid there naked on the changing table she fondled my balls and my $%!@ and made my $%!@ hard. She had fun playing with my $%!@ and feeling it with her hands. It felt good and I just laid back and relaxed and let her have her fun. My $%!@ was red and sticking straight up in the air. My $%!@ head was red and my uretha was wide open at the tip. Kim kept rubbing her finger around in the tip of my $%!@ and she asked me how it felt and I said, "nice!" Mom said that I was supposed to be punished, then she added that I deserved some "special attention" from Kim, and we all laughed. Kim asked me if I was ready to squirt and I said, "almost- just keep on doing it", and she did. Finally my $%!@ started throbbing and I ejaculated a huge load of white cream. Mom took a picture of my $%!@ squirting out onto my tummy and on Kim's hand. I just laid back breathing heavy and feeling light-headed. After that mom made Kim give me a bath on the changing table and she washed me all over. It was nice punishment and I can't wait to get into trouble again and have Kim "punish" me. She can't wait, either. Mom told Kim that she can stay with us for awhile and her mom said okay. Kim has complete control over me when I have to pee, take a $%!@, or $%!@e. She hold my $%!@ when I pee into the toilet and wipes my $%!@ after I take a $%!@. She $%!@es me several times a day and I love it!

Posted by Smoothluver69 on 2015-07-27 06:40:37

Yeah.....uh huh......except you forgot about the two headed dwarf who sucked your $%!@ and tongued your $%!@ at the same time.

Posted by laura987 on 2016-01-01 07:14:40

I have to say, that first story is so ridiculously fake that I don't understand why someone would waste time writing it (or posting it).

That said, this definitely does occur - with boys at least. I would be opposed to hitting a girl on her genitals. Boys, however, are often unruly and both corporal punishment and nudity are useful in modifying their behavior. I keep my own son (now 15) naked in a variety of situations and have since he was young. Naturally, he will act up from time to time while naked; sometimes BECAUSE he is naked and embarrassed he decides to complain or disobey. Like most caring mothers, I correct his behavior - often with a swat on the behind. I almost always use my hand, but have been known to use a wound-up towel like a whip. When his cute little bum is not readily available I swat what I can reach. This primarily means his genitals. I've found that a swift swat wakes up his little peepee and that it is quite painful for him when I hit his little balls. Such a slap has him reeling in pain and is far more effective than one on the butt. As such I've found myself targeting his genitals more than his behind in the last few years. I'll often give him gentle taps down there when he starts to get whiney to get his attention and remind him of what will come if his inappropriate behavior continues.

Posted by dirtgirl on 2016-01-20 15:23:59

You object to it because you're visualising it happening to your adult self. I was deliberately hit in the genital area twice as a child and because of that I can't bring myself to condemn it as a method of punishment. I also have experience of punishment enemas (and similar punishments relating to bowel cleansing) - I wrote about this on Misterpoll under my previous name (which I'll leave you to figure out)

Posted by sken15539 on 2017-05-29 14:34:50

I regularly spank my son on his testicles! He is 15 and he sometimes gets into trouble at school or with me or his sister. His sister is 13. Instead of making him strip naked and then spanking his behind, I make him strip naked and then I spank his nuts! I get my daughter to play with his knob the begin with so it gets nice and hard and then I slap his nuts with a wooden spoon. Normally it's 10 slaps per ball and sometimes, if he has been really bad, it's then 10 slaps to his knob too! I let my daughter take part in the punishment sometimes too, and she loves punishing my son on his balls! She smacks his balls really hard with the wooden spoon and she always laughs when he moans and wiggles around in pain!

I think, if a boy needs to be punished, why not target his balls. It's the most sensitive part of a boy, and if he knows his precious parts are going to be hit, he'll misbehave less!