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Genital Spanking

You should not spank a childs genitals.

Posted by analee on 2015-06-22 19:46:48

Right on, Dazo :-). I still can't really understand how anyway could condone this in real life, and i hope it is simply fantasy speak.

I wonder if any of the pushers of little girl vagina spanking have either 1) felt what it is like to be swatted there, or 2) thought about the consequences for the girl to growing up as a healthy sexual emotional adult. It's one thing to be spanked on your bottom - it's not sexual and doesn't mess with your head. But being spanked on your vagina is so completely different, and i can't imagine a girl not being messed up after it. I hope parents want their daughters to grow up with a healthy attitude toward their body and sex. If you associate only pain and shame with touching that part of you, before you even have sexual feelings, how can you have a healthy sex life? You can't, and I imagine the pushers dont care. I get angry writing this.

Posted by dirtgirl on 2015-06-23 08:55:48

Dazo and Analee - we do know, firsthand, how it feels. And because we've matured (enough to see the bigger picture) that's why we advocate it.

Posted by merimeri on 2015-06-23 10:31:48

Again, I agree with dirtgirl.

i received genital spanking on a number of occasions, as did my sister. It was not enjoyable at the time... Punishment is supposed to hurt, after all. But looking back, I can see that it was really for my own good, and it was benificial in the long run. (Thank you Mom, for giving me what I needed.)

No physical damage was done, and I think I grew up with a much healthier attitude toward my body and my sex than many other girls. I have had several lovers, male and female, and none of them have ever complained, anyway!

Youngsters need a lot of love and hugs, but they also need some healthy discipline and occasionally punishment. A good paddling on the behind, an occasinal spanking on the genitals with your hand or a light plastic ruler, or , for older girls, a spanking on the bosom, can do them a world of good.


Posted by analee on 2015-06-23 19:29:54

dirtgirl - I guess you understand what it feels like, and we just disagree. I just think you are missing the big picture because not all girls will respond like you did.

merimeri - it sounds like you got a light discipline on your vagina, so good for your mom to exercise restraint. But clearly, many will not be so restrained, as they show here in the comments. Again, all the pain and shame is there during bottom spanking, so there's no reason to add vaginal unless the parents get off, and I think that's wrong and leads to abuse.

Just an aside - i was spanked on my bottom pretty hard growing up, and i took my punishment. But if my stepdad had used a belt on my vagina, i would have cut off his $%!@ with scissors, at a certain point in my life.

Posted by Christy Marie on 2015-06-26 04:18:30

Well I see that people are very split when it comes to genital spaning. If anyone has read my posts they know I am in favor of it. I was spanked vaginally growing up and do the same to my 3yo daughter as a potty training method. It is very effective. If anyone would like to discuss this subject with me further: