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Genital Spanking

You should not spank a childs genitals.

Posted by Dazo on 2015-05-11 15:48:27

Dirt girl said

"If you're not qualified to comment - don't comment!"

With regards to the spanking of a girl genital's, I am opposed to this as it 'IS' an S&M punishment. Not child discipline.

If you are in favour of this practice and you are arguing that as a man I am not qualified to comment on the effects on spanking a girls genitals I can assure you that both analee and sally ARE VERY qualified to comment.

Also I add that Mommy Eva makes no distinction between boys and girls in her comments.

The unpredictable levels of pain and the widely varying effect of damage of even very soft impacts on the male testicles, is something that I AM VERY QUALIFIED to comment on and dirt girl and Mommy Eva are not.

In response to my first post Mommy Eva said:

"You can not control the "level of pain" inflicted just because you spank on the buttocks."

That may well be true but that is due to each persons' individual pain threshold!'

What I specifically meant was you have no control over the level of INJURY or DAMAGE you inflict on a boys testicles, where as for both a boy and girl the amount of damage (injury) that you inflict on boy or girls bare bottom can easily be seen and it determines what level of corporal punishment is considered just and legal.

I am not some busy-body who goes around calling people sexual perverts just because they post about doing something with their children considered social abnormal.

My arguments are based purely on logic and thus, for child discipline, inflicting any kind of pain on a boys genitals is abuse, pure and simple regardless of what ANYONE says!

Even if you argue that as a man I am not qualified to comment on a girls genitals, I still say, that as a person who is very strongly in favour of the corporal punishment of all females I still believe that it is an inappropriate punishment for a young girl.

I am not ranting, I am giving a rational and objective opinion and as such I am entitled to that opinion.

PS Everyone has their fantasies but when people start advocating applying cruel and sadistic fantasies to real world practices and then posting (or making polls ) supporting their use in real life, that is what sickens me and is when I step in and post.

You can do what you want to fictional kids in a fantasy poll. This poll could still just be a twisted fantasy, I don't know.

Posted by analee on 2015-05-12 18:09:26

Dazo's post is wise and incredibly correct!! If this is just a fantasy poll, then whatever, say and fantasize however you want. But when children are involved, and it looks like damage might be done to them in the real world, it becomes problematic. Adult women are fair game, we can always say no. and whatever fantasy a person has, you can always find a woman who is willing to let you do it to her. but children have no choice - they can't consent to anything, so there needs to be reasonable limits on what people can do to discipline.

And just so i am clear about things - Dazo is right, i am qualified to comment. i have been swatted on my vagina - as punishment (by my BOYFRIEND, not parents!), but usually as erotic and sexual (again, boyfriend!). it is very painful, embarrassing, and can be very damaging if not careful. but it is also one of the most intimate and sensual and submissive things that a woman can give her lover. does that sound like something appropriate for a child? Intimate and sensual? That kind of intimacy and sensuality has no place in a parent/child relationship - that's just getting into kink, fetish, incest - and it amounts to child abuse.

Again, find a woman to indulge your fantasies, not a helpless child.

ps, i talked about girls in this post but the same obviously applies for boys. we're all very sensitive down there.

Posted by Badgirlgetspanked on 2015-05-13 16:51:15

Genital spankings is not right, and should not happen.

Posted by Dazo on 2015-05-13 22:08:44

Dear everyone who supported me. :)

I believe that everyone who posted a comment on this thread who is a voice of reason agrees with my original statement:

"You should never spank a child on their genitals!"

Thank you to Sally3, analee, JENl, emily5 and Badgirlgetspanked :)

Posted by MommyEva on 2015-05-14 15:14:42

And I'm happy to give you this forum to be so humanistic and wise. Good to see you make some friends Dazo.

The point I tried to make earlier was, that there are a lot of people out there that are just dead set against corporal punishment in any form. So even though you, Dazo with friends, find this very wrong and harmful there are lots and lots of people that see this as discussing degrees of wrong. Witch places you lot on the same side of the moral majority as I am, the wrong side. Right side if you ask me :) I made this poll to see the views on a controversial subject and I have certainly gotten some good points. I hope you all keep discussing this subject but please try to refrain from the name calling and other sad practices of forum debate.