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Genital Spanking

You should not spank a childs genitals.

Posted by JennaMom on 2016-09-06 00:03:13

I spank my girl, and have had to use genital spanking on many occasions. Are you still around MommyEva, or other pro-spankers? I'm new to the site and I'm not sure if the forum is dead.


Posted by prestige on 2016-10-09 12:34:00

lets hope it is, then we will not have to read this abusive crap.

Posted by MommyEva on 2016-10-29 17:06:57

Corporal punishment is about pain. Spanking the genitals is very painful and it is also a shaming experience. Shame and pain together is a great way to teach children to behave, to be obedient.

You can not control the "level of pain" inflicted just because you spank on the buttocks. The control is always subjective and has to do with how hard, how long, with what, when and so on. You never know what someone else experience.

Spanking the child's genitals will be sure to hurt a lot. But you have already opted for pain as your tool as you chose to spank your child so why not spank where it really counts...? The obedience one can instill in a child getting regular genital spankings is simply outstanding.



Posted by SarahJ15 on 2016-11-06 10:59:08

I know spankings are supposed to hurt but i don't think its supposed to hurt that much as getting spanked between your legs. I got it there once and it hurt a lot!! And it was just my dads hand. Getting hit there with something like a ruler has to be so painful!!! I still get bare bottom spankings from my dad and im 16 so yeah, thats embarrassing enough. I try avoid them but cant always. Bare bottom hurts enough. What does your daughter think when she knows shes getting spanked on her front??? She has to be so afraid of it and probably is very afraid of you. Like i said when i got mine, it hurt a lot and i was sore down there for for the rest of the day. Even the next day i kept thinking of how i got spanked on my vulva. As soon as he smacked me there i felt the pain all through my body. Your daughter must feel the pain still for a very long time. I can't even imagine how sore she is or how much it hurts each time she gets hit. I just think its so wrong. I don't like my spankings and yeah i feel some of them weren't deserved but a sore bottom did teach me not to do whatever again.

Posted by Notaperv on 2016-11-19 14:14:13

'SarahJ15 on 2015-11-22 18:29:49 I got spanked on my vulva once by my dad. I did not like it one bit. It hurt like heck and was super embarrassing. I was getting spanked when I was like 9 or 10 and my dad, like he always does spanks me bare bottomed, meaning i had nothing on below my waist. I was getting spanked laying over his lap, my waist was right on the top of his lap. Well, like after the first 2 or 3 smacks he did I ended up peeing. Well since I was on his legs i peed on him. Well he grabbed me real fast and rolled me over and smacked my vulva right between my legs 2 times. It was just with his hand but it hurt a lot. He told me it was bad of me to pee on him, I think he thought I did on purpose but I didn't, it was an accident. Right after that he told me to get up and took me to my mom to get cleaned up while he went to change his clothes. He later on came back to me and apologized for spanking my front, he said he'd never do it again and he never did. i still got plenty of bottom spankings though after that day but never again on my front. I tell you though, for all the rest of them I was so afraid of peeing again and then getting spanked on my crotch. Everytime after that he told me I had to get a spanking, I prayed I wouldn't pee during it. I do not think you should ever spank anyone in their genitals. For me it was the worst spanking I ever got. I'll never forget it.'

There was recently a case where a mother punished her daughter by forcing a genital piercing on her, and was found not guilty and the jury supported her. So as that was considered acceptable, your father spanking you on the $%!@ will be seen as acceptable, no matter how violated you felt, so there's nothing you can ever do about it.