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Young Teen still in Diapers?

My experience

Posted by Ally16 on 2017-03-05 15:08:13

I'm 16 and wear diapers for bladder incontinence. I've worn them to bed my whole life but only started having accidents during the day when I was 12. I change myself now, but my mom put my diaper on for bed and changed me when I started wearing during the day until I was 14. It's bad enough having to wear diapers at that age, but it's completely humiliating getting changed like a little kid. Even now though my mom still checks my diapers sometimes to make sure I'm changing often enough. Parents should realize that having a bladder problem doesn't make you any less mature and definitely should let older kids and teens change themselves.

Posted by KiaraC on 2017-08-12 21:14:27

Hi I'm 15 now AND still wearing diapers and pull ups for my bladder problems, ugh. I go through everything you talked about and it is very annoying and very embarrassing. I'm used to wearing diapers now for the most part but it doesn't mean I like it. I'm finally able to change myself, thank god!!! but yes, being older, like a teen and getting changed was so awful. I get asked all the time still if I'm wearing a diaper or if they are still dry, that's embarrassing for sure. Just because I have no control over my bladder doesn't makeme any less mature or less smart or responsible!!

Posted by michelle_poll on 2017-08-13 11:22:08

So true, Kiara, i think you are very mature smart and responsible!<3

Posted by bobbyjw on 2017-08-13 23:07:09

Yeah I agree. I wish my parents let me change myself. Mom still checks and changes me like a little kid. I thought she would stop by now but she thinks I'm immature. It sounds like your parents at least mostly treat you like a teen.

Posted by KiaraC on 2017-08-15 20:37:04

Aww....thank you!! Michelle :) If we have a family party or something, I have to dress to be able to show them my diaper, ugh so embarrassing!! Mine have a stripe down the middle, when I go it changes from yellow to blue so my parents ask to see that :( It's bad enough just doing that.